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Product: Clearlight - Tribal Hybrid Concept
Date: 2014-09-09 

Tribal Hybrid Concept
09/09/20140 Comments 
The Frenchman Cyrille Verdeaux was born on 07/31/1949 in Paris. At fourteen he started at the National Conservatory of Music where he studied composition, harmony and piano. Between 1966 and 1968 he won three times 1st prize in student composition. But in 1968 he was expelled because of his revolutionary activities. He then went to the conservatory in Nice to get his Masters degree and then returned to Paris to set up. Progressive rock band Babylone In 1975 his debut came out on Virgin Records entitled "Clearlight Symphony. His friend Pascal Menetrey died in 2006, and this album is dedicated to him. The music on it is powerful, selected to illustrate. Yang side of the first chakra This chakra rules over life and death energies. Menetrey samples were Inuit, Papoo, Tuva, Ethiopian and Kurdish singers gathered, as well as samples of wild animals threatened with extinction. Between 1992 and 1999 Its purpose is to kill these innocent people around the world to stop. There is also a unique song, "Raoni's Song," the only person ever recorded by Amazoniaanse chief Raoni, a former protégé of Sting. Cyrille plays keyboards and said, "Talking or" fatal fate, "the chants of various tribes facing extinction represents the death aspect of this chakra. And since most of the beings heard on this album are probably already dead, well, this album is made ​​all that more poignant Particularly Because, sadly, passed away in 2006 Pascal Menetrey - and so this Tribal Hybrid Concept album is dedicated to his memory. "An album for lovers of world music so. 
Patrick Van de Wiele (4) 
An album with samples of Inuit's Papoos, Tuvas, Ethiopian and Kourdian singers, alongwith samples of wild animals. For lovers of world music

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