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Product: Clearlight - Tribal Hybrid Concept
Date: 2014-08-16 

Tribal Hybrid Concept

What a week ... CD 

Verdeaux / Menétrey   Tribal Hybrid Concept (2014)
The jungle, the savannah ...
... that's what you experience through 'Tribal Hybrid Concept'. Cyrille Verdeaux we know in addition to his solo work, of course, of Clear Light.The deceased in 2006 Pascal Menetrey collected during his travels ethnic sounds. These samples were processed by Verdeaux impressive and integrity in 14 compositions, which prog- and trance edge given by the soothing keyboards Verdeaux. duo takes us on a tour of the Papuans, tribes in Africa, villages in India with voices of women and children, Balinese show, bird and insect sounds and even the sound of falling trees in the Amazon region plagued by 'wood seekers. It is therefore rightly given a voice to Raoni, the Chief of Amazonia 'dedicated to the rainforest.

Excellent album represents an extraordinary journey that makes you realize that there is more than our dominant supposed Western culture and you awakens . For what is still a shame if this kind of ethnic cultures would disappear and what would be a global disaster if the rainforest is doomed.Support this fight! Harry de Vries (what a week 34) 

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