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Product: Steve Hillage - Live at the Rainbow 1977
Date: 2014-09-02 

Live at the Rainbow 1977

Steve Hillage / Rainbow 1977 

Playing time: 74:39 
Format: CD 
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2014 (1977) 
Style: Space rock
Review on 08/24/2014 Steve Brown

First of all I have time to get rid of the good news: Steve Hillages "Rainbow 1977" is so much better than that - literally like literally - 'verhuschten' recordings from 1979 . This is due both to the excellent sound quality as well as the focus of the former Gong guitar-player on his true strength: the psychedelic space rock. The nods to the spirit of the times had, two years later, but arg strange ... 

Nevertheless was Steve Hillage in 1977, already a nose far beyond its zenith. Which at the time current album "Motivation Radio", which understandably a large proportion of "Rainbow 1977" assumes, could at least commercially not quite at "L", the unique Todd Rundgren wore handwriting, tie - as none of his albums to date. 

The present historical recordings from the completion of the UK tour (on November 3, 1977 recorded at London's Rainbow Theatre) are the best that I live so far from Steve Hillage got to hear. Best placed celebrated here the then 26-year-old Briton so funky-extreme space rock that one wants to jump the brain through the skull ... even Miquette Giraudys chirping synthesizer block this time no synapses in the high jump! Just listen to this gorgeous spherical "Radio", the permanent WOW! signals seems to spark in the galactic distances. This extraterrestrial life should in any case get a (temporary) positive impression of the mankind. 

too, "motivation", the second title song of the then current album, freaks rhythmically - even slightly funky - the blood and 'motivated' clearly spacey dance routines, such as the time was in the seventies as usual. Joe Blocker and Curtis Robertson - both still come to their sprawling solo parts later - this feature is responsible for the enormous biting groove. 

The other three songs from "Motivation Radio" are also top notch. In "Saucer Surfing" dueled Hillage - - not only in the introductory solo Brian May "Searching For The Spark": -mäßig with itself reminded powerfully of an exuberant version of "Brighton Rock", which merges directly into a fifteen-minute radio search. , in which all members of the Steve Hillage band participate as soloists. 

, but also ignites the older material: First and foremost, of course, Donovan's Flower Power hippie anthem "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (unfortunately not in the longer "glissando" version), but also George Harrisons relatively unknown Beatles -Song "It's All Too Much" or the inevitable, spherical-driving "Salmon Song" by Hillages magnificent debut album "Fish Rising" (1975). 

For "Rainbow 1977" may and must be imposed for the psychedelic-tinged space rock community a buy recommendation. Rarely has Steve Hillage live convincing acting (and his partner Miquette Giraudy less annoyed - that little bit was as synthesizer-haters granted me at this point). 

Steve Hillage (vocals, guitars) 
Miquette Giraudy (synthesizer, voices) 
Curtis Robertson (bass) 
Joe Blocker (drums)

01: Octave Doctors (4:07) 
02: It's All Too Much (6:17) 
03: Light In The Sky (4:22) 
04: Radio (7:31) 
05: Electrick Gypsies (5:35) 
06: The Salmon Song (3:42) 
07: Solar Musick Suite [Part 2] (7:10) 
08: Motivation (6:41) 
09: Saucer Surfing (8:14) 
10: Searching For The Spark (15:15) 
11: Hurdy Gurdy Man (5:04)

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