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Product: Joey Molland - This Way Up
Date: 2014-09-02 

This Way Up

Molland, Joe - This way up
/ Published on 26-08-2014 /
On the occasion of the release of the new album ofJoey Molland , Return to Memphis " , which also meets a great success, Gonzo Multimedia label put on the market two other albums of the last survivor of the group Badfinger . One is a compilation of unreleased tracks and studio outtakes from various periods and the other is that "This way up" , album released in 2001 and was without a successor until the release of "Return to Memphis" . 
At the time, Joey Molland is involved in his solo career, which he opened in 1983 following the separation of Badfinger, or rather his lack of combatants failed because the group once protected the Beatles and their label Apple has lost its second member by suicide,Tom Evans , who joined in death Pete Ham , who died in 1975 Alone, Joey Molland fate Albums "After the pearl" (1983), "The Pilgrim" (1992) "Basil" (1998) and "This way up" (2001). we had the opportunity to speak well of the album "Return to Memphis" in a previous column, but when listening to "This way up" ( where he calls himself Joe Molland), we understand why Joey Molland took some time to find a successor. Indeed, one can say that "This way up" is a great album that could not be surpassed soon after its release. Joey Molland includes thirteen songs spotless, made ​​a smooth and efficient power pop, grabbing the ear the first time.The moods are varied and go with ease enthusiasm ( "Mirrors" ) to melancholy ("Moonlight" ), with rock twists that boost machine just when to ( "Three minutes warning" ). On "When I was a boy" , words that remind one inevitably mark the"She Said, she Said" by the Beatles ( "when I Was a boy, everything was brighter" ).
And it is true that in addition to the link between the Beatles Badfinger, many things in this album redolent the soaring pop of Wings or George Harrison. Fans of well-crafted power pop can carefree indulge in this beautiful What surprise "This time up" , a flawless album, except the cover, just awful. But a record is made ​​to be listened to, not watched.

François Becquart

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