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Product: Captain Beefheart - Harpo's Detroit Dec 11th 1980
Date: 2014-07-04 

Harpo's Detroit Dec 11th 1980

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: Harpos Detroit Dec. 11, 1980 (Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band)

Harpos Detroit Dec. 11, 1980 (Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band)
(2014, Gonzo Multimedia)
Don Van Vliet (15 January 1941-17 December 2010) was a musician, singer, songwriter, artist and American poet who was known by the name of Captain Beefheart .Between 1965 and 1982, his work became known by musical ensemble of musicians that accompanied with the suggestive name Magic Band , with whom he recorded 13 studio albums. Remains in memory his powerful voice, hoarse and the ability to play harmonica and saxophone and other wind instruments. Musically, crossed the rock , the blues and psychedelia with a strong sense avant-garde and a great deal of experimentation. He was also known for his dictatorial attitudes about their musicians and the construction of many myths about his life. During his stay in Lancaster, California, established relations with the seminal Frank Zappa who arrived to cooperate on some occasions. As Captain Beefheart began in 1964 with the first line-up of theMagic Band emerged in 1965.'s first album, Safe As Milk , was released in 1967 by Buddah Records . Van Vliet has been described as one of the most innovative musicians of modern music. However both in commercial terms and in terms of criticism never achieved great success, despite maintaining a statute of worship with a significant influence on movements such as new wave ,punk , post-punk , experimental and alternative rock . Historical Overview taken left us approach this work that the British Gonzo Multimedia publishes.This is a rare recording of the concert recorded live at Harpos Concert Theaterin Detroit in 1980, during the tour to promote the album Doc At The Radar Station . Unfortunately, it is not easy from this hard for us to perceive the whole of the collective creativity because of poor sound pickup from the concert.There is much noise, tickets and instruments that are not percetíveis which makes listening to this album a real mess. Therefore, this is not the best historical document to effectively realize the importance and quality of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band .
1.      Intro
2.      Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man
3.       Abba Zabba
4.      Hot Head
5.      Ashtray Heart
6.      Dirty Blue Gene
7.      Best Batch Yet
8.      Safe As Milk
9.      Dr. Dark
10.  A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
11.  One Red Rose That I Mean
12.  Bat Chain Puller
13.  My Human Gets Me Blues
14.  Sugar & Spikes
15.  Sheriff Of Hong Kong
16.  The Dust Blows Forward, The Dust Blows Back
17.  Kandy Korn
18.  Suction Prints
19.  Big Eyed Beans From Venus
Captain Beefheart – vocais, saxofone
Eric Drew Feldman - bass, synthesizers, mandolin, mellotron
Robert Williams – bateria, percussão
Richard Snyder - guitarras
Jeff Tapir White – guitarras
Jeff Moris Tepper – guitarras

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