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Product: Michael Des Barres - Carnaby Street
Date: 2012-08-06 

Carnaby Street

Des Barres, Michael - Carnaby Street

Review by: Daniel Pavlica

Year: 2012
Produced by: Michael Des Barres
Label: Gonzo Multimedia

Michael Des Barres: vocal, guitar, percussion
Eric Schermerhorn: guitar, slide guitar
Paul Ill: bass, backing vocals
Jebin Bruni: keyboards
David Goodstein: drums, percussion

1. You're My Pain Killer
2. Carnaby Street
3. Forgive Me
4. Sugar
5. Route 69
6. Please Stay
7. Little Latin Lover
8. Hot and Sticky
9. From Cloud 9 To Heartach
10. My Baby Saved My Ass
Michael Des Barres is back! One time Silverhead and Power Station frontman, as well as part time MacGyver TV series assassin (!), revisits his roots with “Carnaby Street”. Yes indeed, this album sounds like something that was dug out when The Who and Zeppeling were at the height of their power. Nowadays a Lord comfortably cruising at 63, Michael Des Barres shows no sings of reinventing himself, and seriously why should he, especially when in such devastating form!

With Des Barres nursing the insignia of a bellbottomed glam rock legend, It is perhaps unsurprising that “Carnaby Street” shares a lot of its musical ground with 70s rock. Unfettered self-reference is evidently present, as the set gets burned down with powerful blasts of gritty blues rock, funk and rock & roll, at times even Rod Steward inspired soul (speaking of that “Please Stay” is definitely the number worth checking out). Still, it’s the splendid Faces like blues funk hybrid of “You’re My Pain Killer” that initially sets the whole course on fire. The real treat of the album, however, is Michael’s performance. Vocally he came of age long time ago. His low tuned delivery is shown as a prefect tool for pinning down unrefined rock. Grit found in his voice is of natural coming, adding whiplash signature wear and tear feel wherever he chooses to turn. The same amount of excitement surrounds his skilled approach to music, which reads as a no fuss no bother tackling of rock & roll, full bursting with natural flavors only vintage 70s rock chromosomes can muster. “Little Latin Lover” is a fire spitting rock & roll charger running on pure kerosene. “Carnaby Street”, sprung on an almost punk like retaliation while nursing a snaky blues riff accompanied by sputtering organ and sing along tunes, is just great. The Black Crowes like groove of “Sugar” has sexuality dripping down its fingers topped by a superbly distorted frenzy emanating from the guitar solo. “Hot and Sticky”, brimming with classic rock flavors, could as well be a Quireboys anthem. “Route 69” is another rock solid stomp; if indeed packing somewhat foreseeable tunes, it still manages to squeeze delight out of a swampy guitar riff. Also worth noting is the album closer “My Baby Saved My Ass”, with slide guitar, cheering choruses and cheeky lyrics all imbued with the same superb rock & roll swagger “Carnaby Street” will hopefully remain famed for if there’s any justice left in the world.

9 out of 10

A review copy of this album was provided by the record label Gonzo Multimedia

Check him out at his Gonzo Artist Page

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