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Product: Michael Des Barres - Carnaby Street
Date: 2012-08-11 

Carnaby Street

Media response to Carnaby Street


“Glorious, pedal-to-the-metal riff-rocking, played with swagger and panache”
- Nick Cristiano, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Very cool guy, very cool record (…) Better than ever, in a lot of ways”
- Steven Van Zandt, Little Steven’s Underground Garage

“An incredible musical journey back to the swinging rock ‘n’ roll days of London”
- Ray Shasho, The Examiner

“Fresh and strong. The production is as clear as water and full of energy”

“Carnaby Street is no exercise in nostalgia.
Des Barres and his band sing and play like they mean it.”

- Bill Kopp, Musoscribe

“Still the coolest guy on any street he walks down,
even with a blazing band chasing him every step of the way”

- Tony Conley, Rock Guitar Daily

“A solid album of rocking songs”
- Jeb Wright,

“Bursting with natural flavors only vintage 70s rock chromosomes can muster”
- Daniel Pavlica, The Rocktologist

“The sound of a band having an absolute blast”

“A masterclass in Classic Rock, the way it used to be!”
- James Gaden, Fireworks Magazine

“He’s returned fit, forceful and full of piss and vinegar
amid bright blasts of gruff, old-school white blues”

- Nick DeRiso,

“It’s really amazing to see just how much swagger Des Barres still has,
and he really brings it throughout this red hot album”

- Pete Pardo,

“Class oozing out of every sonic pore, it’s a high-spirited record.”
- Dmitry M. Epstein,

“A fantastic album, full of rhythm, groove and sensuality”
- Pedro Carvalho, Via Nocturna


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