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Product: Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Live in Gettysburg
Date: 2012-08-13 

The Galactic Collective Live in Gettysburg

First (in 2010) came the studio version, now here’s the live version of “The Galactic Collective”
The DVD/2CD set includes the complete album performed live at The Rites of Spring Festival on May 21, 2011 along with the “Into The Sunset Suite” and the Norlander penned Lana Lane songs “Capture The Sun” and “Secrets Of Astrology”, creatively woven into medleys to complete the celestial sojourn with guest vocals by none other than Lana Lane (Erik’s wife) herself! Erik’s Modular Moog synthesizer, aka “The Wall of Doom”, was used extensively at this concert. The band was introduced with an excellent and informative monologue from Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of The Bob Moog Foundation and daughter of the late maverick synthesizer pioneer and inventor, Robert Moog. The full colour, detailed 16-page booklet includes not only beautiful pix from the concert, but also liner notes by Erik’s synth tech, former Moog Music designer and ELP keyboard tech, August Worley, along with an additional article written by Erik himself especially for this release. (Based on info found on

Audio CD 1
1. Arrival
2. Neurosaur
3. Fanfare For Absent Friends
4. Sky Full Of Stars
5. Capture The Sun
6. Astrology Prelude
7. Secrets Of Astrology
8. Trantor Station
9. After The Revolution

Audio CD 2
1. Garden of the Moon
2. The Dark Water
3. Sunset Prelude
4. Into the Sunset
5. Dreamcurrents
6. Hymn
7. Into the Sunset Reprise
8. Sunset Postlude DVD
1. Introduction (M. Moog-Koussa)
2. Arrival
3. Neurosaur
4. Introduction: Fanfare For Absent Friends
5. Fanfare For Absent Friends
6. Introduction: Sky Full Of Stars
7. Sky Full Of Stars
8. Capture The Sun/Sky Full Of Stars Reprise
9. Introduction Astrology Suite
10. Astrology Suite
11. Introduction Trantor Station
12. Trantor Station
13. Scheduling An Apocalypse
14. Introduction: After The Revolution
15. After The Revolution
16. Introduction: The Dark Water
17. The Dark Water
18. Introduction: Into The Sunset Suite
19. Into The Sunset Suite
20. Thank You
21. Garden Of The Moon (live in Cleveland)

• The DVD is much more interesting to watch than the companion DVD “The Galactic Collective – Definitive Edition” (reviewed elsewhere). Watching a band performing on stage is indeed much more fun than watching that same band recording in the studio.
• Excellent sound (audio CDs, DVD) and vision (DVD) quality.
• Attractive 16-page, full colour booklet containing lots of live shots. The introductions to most of the songs
And check out the dedicated Gonzo artist page for Asia featuring John Payne, and for Erik solo

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