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Product: Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition
Date: 2012-09-10 

The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition

DVD REVIEW: Erik Norlander: T
he Galactic Collective (Gonzo Multimedia 2012) This is a wonderful 3-disc set that borrows its format from the Rocket Scientists Looking Backward video box set. Here we have two discs of audio material and a single disc of video. The video for the most part mirrors what’s on the audio disc. In some ways this is an exploration into how Erik creates his music. The video is shot in the studio with multiple cameras (and at multiple times) so that we see each band member playing their part in the songs creation. In between each selection is a little commentary where Erik tells us about the songs creation.
He makes reference to th
e fact this is kind of a “greatest hits” package in that’s virtually all material that has appeared on previous discs, although it has been redone for the Galactic Collective. I’m a fan of this format. While it’s great to see a band performing live on stage with the lights and all, I rather enjoy the geeky pleasure of watching a piece performed in the studio. Needless to say the sound quality is superb; you can watch it in stereo or 5.1 audio and the video, while in Standard Definition is still more than adequate and does the job nicely. Being in the studio the lights are full on so you get to enjoy seeing what instrument the player is using and more specifically how they’re playing it. For synth fans, one of the bonus features is a 20-minute tour of Norlander’s “Wall of Doom” modular Moog synthesizer. I really enjoyed this set and it’s one I’ll be going back to over again and therefore recommending it to fans of symphonic prog and heavy rock-based electronic music. It’s cool so enjoy!

And check out the dedicated Gonzo artist page for Asia featuring John Payne, and for Erik solo

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