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Product: Rick Wakeman - In The Nick of Time
Date: 2012-09-15 

In The Nick of Time

Rick Wakeman
In the Nick of Time: Live in 2003

Review by G. W. Hill
This live album from Rick Wakeman is a powerful disc. It seems like it might not be a full concert, though. Still, we get a wide range of music here, finding Wakeman in the progressive rock bombast period more than anything else. It’s a great addition to his catalog.

Track by Track Review

Catherine Parr / Beware Your Enemies
The Wakeman classic tune is presented in a cool live performance and Wakeman solos like crazy as we get into the second half of the “twofer.” This is really quite an awesome keyboard showcase that finds Wakeman in rare form. As this extended piece continues there’s some smoking hot guitar soloing, too.

Out There
Here’s an epic length piece that features some killer prog instrumentation and vocals. It’s a dynamic and powerful number with a lot of different sections and moods. It can be very mellow and sedate at times, but also rocks out at other points. The vocals are among the strongest of the whole disc. While the cut certainly has some great keyboard performances, there are some inspired guitar solos, too.

No Earthly Connection
Bombastic and theatrical, this has a lot of the same musical characteristics as the last number. It’s a good piece of music and features more killer Wakeman soloing.

Dance of a Thousand Lights
Here we get a keyboard solo that works really well. It covers a lot of territory and has some great melodies and changes.

The Cathederal in the Sky
With both female operatic vocals and male vocals in the mode of the theatrical meets rock sound found on the rest of the songs, this is a rocking tune with a lot of classical music in the mix.

White Rock
This instrumental is quintessential Wakeman and has some great soloing.

Covering this Yes instrumental section, they bring some funk to the table through the killer bass line and there’s a lot more going on here, too. It’s a heck of a jam and a great way to end the concert and this live album in style.

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