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Product: Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition
Date: 2012-10-22 

The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition

Erik Norlander wrote to me:

Hi guys,

My friend Marcel Haster in The Netherlands just published this *wonderful* video review and discussion of The Galactic Collective - Definitive Edition. Please spread the good word!

He is working on another installment for Live in Gettysburg that will come soon.

Many thanks,

So with an endorsement like that, I just had to half inch the whole thing. Enjoy!

Erik-Norlander-The-Galactic-Collection-DEWith music spanning over two decades and several bands, it is quite a task to collect highlights. And then not just picking the songs, but re-arranging and re-recording them, is an even bigger task. Yet with The Galactic Collective - The Definitive Edition, Erik Norlander managed to capture the magic of his career on one disc.
Musically it is a perfect blend of prog and EM. Visually it is a treat to see the songs being performed in front of cameras. And the included interviews shed much light and insights, not just on the music, but also on Erik Norlander - keyboardist, composer, producer, performer. Highly recommended.

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