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Product: Cris Roversi - AntiQua
Date: 2013-03-03 


Third solo album for Cristiano ROVERSI, best known as keyboardist Moongarden and now Mangala Vallis, and also author also many side projects as SUBMARINE SILENCE in 2001. In short, a complete musician who lives music as he breathes. Cristiano is also not only keyboardist (his favorite instruments) but it has become over time a skilled multi-instrumentalist (see the description of the instruments played hard this cd). Throughout the forty-nine minutes of small "Antiqua", we are invited to a peaceful trip, bucolic devil, where music and landscapes pass before our eyes as a soundtrack exploring the Lombardy countryside - Cristiano originated of Mantua in the Po valley say that this album is like no other would be an exaggeration, it is primarily the disk of an artist who wants to take pleasure in delivering the music as it was felt to point in his career. lot of keyboards so in this work, but also a lot of 12-string guitars and classical guitars. PHILIPS love Anthony and Steve HACKETT, this album is definitely for you. A nice achievement, an invitation to travel and the inner peace that begs to be listened and re-listened to without any fatigue. ROVERSI Cristiano and "Antiqua": an imaginary planet where it is good to rest the body and mind.


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