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Product: Cris Roversi - AntiQua
Date: 2013-03-15 


The keyboardist of Moon Garden and Mangala Vallis (to name two of his most important projects) Cristiano Roversi gathered on his third solo album "Out of Print" some known in the Progszene colleagues. Bernardo Lanzetti including (among others Mangala Vallis and PFM), Aldo Tagliapietra (Le Orme), David Cremoni and Mirko Tagliasacchi (both at Moon Garden) and Gigi Cavalli Cocchi (Mangala Vallis). Despite this, "antiquarian" more influenced by Roversis great role model Anthony Phillips, as for example the typical Italian Prog With the possible exception of the vocal contributions of Lanzetti "Tales from Solitude", the - The be very theatrical, many - not typical of "antiquarian. guests but make sure that "Antiqua" not like an album of a lonely solo artist anmutet. Lanzetti The guest vocalist, Tagliapietra and Leonora could take notes on the arguments put forward by their songs.
Antiqua is Roversi for a dream country in which you avoid the pressure and concentrate on the expansion can. (Like the fans expect and Anthony Phillips and may only be this group of listeners as "antiquarian" arrangements). How to play in the lyrical symphonic reveling, some of keyboards and acoustic guitars Retroprog the formative role of "antiquarian". You have to make friends only with the more frequently used drum machine. Personally, I'll take it in his enthusiasm about his own work by speaking a masterpiece Cristiano Roversi said machine is not bad. Mitigating circumstances for me include the fact that these plays on "1984" by Anthony Phillips an important role. The drum machine gives some pieces of "roman" now time the electronic (or some listeners .... maybe a little less refined) touch.
"Nessie Revealed" and the first part of "Falling" dedicated to electronic music. While "Nessie" indulges symphonic bombast, the first part of "Falling" from esoteric women chant to ambient-like accompaniment. In the second, "Celestial Slow Fall" said part of "Falling" delicate acoustic guitars sound as support for lyrical flute and oboe-posts. Presumably, the wind instruments, as well as later in the same upcoming choirs, virtual origin. Very pretty, like the medieval and Celtic elements in "Dimlit Tavern" integrated. The piece is a celebration of Phillips and Steve Hackett fans. In "Out of Print" (the title track) are - somewhat surprisingly - African rhythms and - less surprisingly - used guitar and synthesizer solos.
The album I'd stylistically mostly between the works of Anthony Phillips, "The Geese and the Ghost", "Tarka" (with Harry Williamson) and "1984" to see, without me "Antiqua" unconditionally and continuously want to certify the same class.
Whether "Antiqua" is truly a masterpiece, each handset to answer for themselves. In the rare category "symphonic Retroprog with trips to Electronic" Roversi is at least represented with a very good work. Through its execution of this kind of music seems a little now and then to build on neo prog and New Age. I think this is an interesting and not disturbing facet.

CD - £9.99

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