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Product: Cris Roversi - AntiQua
Date: 2013-03-26 


Cristiano Roversi AntiQua Album Review

Roversi, Cristiano: AntiQua

Melodic/Progressive Rock
If there's a case to be made for easy-listening progressive rock, you could begin with Italian composer and musician Cristiano Roversi's third solo album, AntiQua. The founding member of Italian proggers Moongarden creates some soundscapes here that seem more for sleep therapy than musical intrigue.
Phavian Band Photo
Cristiano Roversi:: playing.
AntiQua is ambient, melodic, and gentle throughout. Roversi welds his synths, guitars, and Chapman stick to create an atmosphere where the listener does not need to think to hard about his arrangements or direction. It's wistful and ethereal, peaceful and serene, music that neither coerces you to listen or challenge you to figure it out.
If there is one song that is more rambunctious, and possibly more proggy, it's the title cut, thanks to the inclusion of bigger drums. Tales from Solitude Suite and Falling offer the only songs with vocals, male and female respectively. Mostly, though, Roversi seems content on playing his guitar, piano, or stick over layers of airy synthesizers and lull the listener into a hypnotic state or REM sleep. I may have proved my own case: Cristiano Roversi's third solo album, AntiQua is easy listening melodic progressive rock, promising as much to entertain as to put you in your happy place or to sleep. Recommended.

CD - £9.99


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