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Product: Gary Windo - Steam Radio Tapes
Date: 2014-05-19 

Steam Radio Tapes

"Dogface," "Deep Water" and "Steam Radio Tapes" collects the work of noted sax player and session man from decades past Gary Windo, whose credits include a long line of the great and the good, not least Nick Mason and Robert Wyatt. Inevitably filled with jazz chops and the atmosphere of smoky late-night bars, the music (mostly instrumental, though with vocal inclusions) evokes in particular the world of Canterbury bands and the 'seventies jazz fusion scene. "Steam Radio Tapes" has an astonishing guest list - Mason and Wyatt, plus Julie Driscoll, and others. The story here is that Nick Mason wanted to test the new Floyd studios, so he asked Windo to make an album there, ending up playing all the drums. The music is jazzy and funky. "Deep Water" is a different kettle of jazz fish - more of an eighties production, the cuts not so inspired, with the exception of the violin-enhanced 'Breakfast In Bed.' "Dogface" is by far the best of the trio, with energy to spare. A live feel pervades the whole album, though this is studio work. Great stuff.
Steam Radio Tapes
CD - £9.99
Dog Face
CD - £9.99
Deep Water
CD - £9.99

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