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Product: Ant-Bee - Pure Electric Honey
Date: 2013-07-02 

Pure Electric Honey

Pure Electric HoneyAnyone who knows him, 'the' Ant-Bee , will not be surprised by the track name and the names and aliases of the musicians know what the outcome is going. All others may serve the reading of the names mentioned as a reference, not for everyday use to find on this CD. Almost nothing.

"Pure Electric Honey" was first published in 1990 (LP) and this first album of Billy James aka Ant-Bee shows the baby steps of the avant-garde surrealism freaks with a 4-track tape machine. Explore what is, look how his love of music in the style of an artist like Syd Barrett or albums like . Magical Mystery Tour / Sgt Pepper can implement. The result was called "Pure Electric Honey" and love the created, turned Billy on the Bomp / Voxx label in Los Angeles. For the time in the Under Psychedelic underground scene was announced from the sixties and his music even got radio play time.Inconceivable, if you look at today's media landscape. Even private channels, locally or in the I-Net are likely to do with such musical output difficult nowadays.

The above two albums, as well as the music of Pink Floyd to Syd's times are actually almost pop, compared to Ant Bees output. Perhaps because one of the Beatles as well as Pink Flyod even the weirdest moments always connects somewhere in some way or combination of ingenious melodies.

When Ant-Bee this 'head-connection' is missing and you have to work out the music. Exactly, the songs to be discovered. The best early in the morning or late at night, on the one hand if you have the muse to have new in the head, or this is already so stuffed from the day that he simply takes this type of honey without much resistance.
Quotes from the booklet, which documents the development of the title, require in their testimony no further explanation: "Just listen, you might hear something." Or: "... the music thing ahead of it's time ..." She was safe and for the Most of them will be there to this day. The quote number one hits the nail on the head, because after initial 'difficulties' opens a sudden the music. These beginners thoughts you Informed initially if perhaps the house cat is ill and complains if a window shop with no wind rattles, ask the frogs from the neighbor's garden pond for asylum or the washing machine heralds the imminent transition to the scrap dealer by noise so pale after third listening test, and so many should also concede the plate. Ant-Bee has brought a psychedelic cosmos on CD - probably mention here and there experimental, but partly equipped with very harmonious moments - who wants to be discovered and recorded especially. Is that done, you can 'leave' come easy and the music as if by magic it automatically installs itself in exactly the places in the head, where it is currently expected and welcome.

Of course, and I'll guarantee it, is not an album, which is at the pole position on the shelf. Also, because you have an aural safe again after an appropriate time interval. But succeeded that's when jostling Bagpipes and Wetkyi moods with birds and frogs to the listener's favor when mellifluous sounds with vocal samples and drum attacks compete or sudden sinking beautiful surrealistic soundscapes in monstrous dark Angründen in the mind's eye. Ant-Bee has with illustrious musicians flock, among other things about his past 'reported' ... that he ate in protest for three weeks with his band stays When chocolate or what he experienced during his India trip. And that's what makes "Pure Electric Honey" an authentic work. No normal output-musicians with whom ambition whatsoever: Here you can when you open yourself to get direct insight into the psyche and soul of a musician. itself I liked the way the Indian best moments as they before mysticism and pleasant, almost trance- rhythm are bursting like that. If, and this is important if you have been listening to.2013er overlay issue are the way at five demo versions of 1987, which in principle do not dance while listening to out of line, but get involved as a matter of course into the overall structure.

Billy James (vocals, drums, percussion, tables, guitar, keyboards, tape manipulation) Guests: Herman Monster [Roy Herman] (electric, acoustic, slide & beast uitars) Mr. Green Beans [Greg Lamastro] (sitar) The Spiral Stairchase [Todd Rogers] (keyboards) Purple Plastic Penguin [Rick Snyder] (bass) Mod Martian [Rodney Martin] (slide guitar) Ymmit [Timmy Cannon] (bagpipes) The Colonel [ Jeff Wolfe] (harmonica) Nedock Toes [Scott Kolden] (guitar, studio scorcery) Om Shanti [Jeff Maredn] (flute) fuzzy Martian [Charlotte] (backwards violin)Rantin '& Ravin' [Bob & Suzannah Harris] (Rabtin ' & Ravin ') Gouda & The Potato (meows)


Pure Electric Honey
SCD - £9.99

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