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Product: Judy Dyble - Flow and Change
Date: 2013-07-11 

Flow and Change


Flow and Change - Judy Dyble“Flow and Change”, the follow up to the beautiful “Talking with Strangers” by Judy Dyble, has been released....


If I were to describe Judy’s work to the uninitiated, I would paint a picture of quintessential “Englishness”, a singer with fine enunciation and a crystal clear voice. Dig beneath the surface of the initial impression, and you will find a box of delights that surprise, and take you down unknown roads that afterwards you are grateful to have travelled. Amongst the home counties accent and finely woven words which are rich with imagery, there lies more than a sniff of the unexpected, coated in swirls of psychedelia, prog rock and a smidge of folk…
Judy is capable of embracing several genres in one song, as shown on the incredible and epic “Harpsong” from the very well received “Talking with Strangers” album. Her songs often draw you into a contented mellowness and then make you jump and start as a phrase, a solo, or a tempo change knock you out of your passive complacency.

Her ability to embrace so many genres has made her a versatile artist who often says YES to the unexpected, and it takes her to places that we would not expect an artist with her history to go. Her previous works Enchanted Garden, Whorl and Spindle all had elements of prog and psychedelia, but in her two most recent albums, Judy has returned to the singer songwriter genre, where the focus is on rich pictures formed from her stories and words. 

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