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Product: Galahad - Battle Scars
Date: 2012-05-15 

Battle Scars

The English of Galahad, 25-year career already, we are back with a new studio album, the seventh, which follows " Empires Never Last " released in 200. This album also marks the return of bassist Neil Pepper, who had been substituted for "Empires Never Last" by Lee Abraham.

After this album darker, harder and heavier, they reintroduce here tones that come from the days of " Year Zero " (2002). Synths resume a little top heavy with electronic effects. For recording and mixing, they appealed to Karl Groom(Threshold). After the start of the symphony as"Battle Scars" , the song takes a turn much rock. We struggle against our fears, eliminating arrogance and ego. "Reach For The Sun" appears as a series, with a battle marked by drums and guitar riffs. On "Singularity" , the heavy riffs of the chorus verses contrast with more air. It is a mixture of tension and melancholy."Bitter and Twisted" provides us with keyboards toned "Year Zero" . The bass and drums like machine-gun during an argument torque. The riffs sharp contrast with the chorus melody that whips us. We also appreciate the great feel of the final solo. keyboards so "Year Zero" , we still find a "Suspended Animation" on vocals and guitar tense powerful.

Time is suspended for the visit behind the barbed wire ("Beyond the Barbed Wire" ). The tension was at its height. The chorus full of resentment us captive. This is a great moment of this album. "Seize the Day" is suspended at the start with keyboards to rhythmic repetitive. Again this electronic room so "Year Zero" . The melody will lead us inevitably into his net. Irresistible  !must take each day as it comes and enjoy the moment they tell us. Wise decision.The symphony will end as a return to the beginning of the CD.

For their 25 year career, they have pre-recorded their classic "Sleepers" . This version now very worth seeing. It is offered as a bonus. Presented in a digipak well thought out, the album comes with a nice book to browse while listening. It is clear, comprehensive and well illustrated. "Battle Scars" looks like a very good and Galahad is the first in a series of two. The second is planned for this year. This is an unusual rhythm for this combo English, but that will delight fans who do not want to miss.

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