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Product: Corky Laing and the Perfect Child - Playing God
Date: 2013-08-15 

Playing God'playing-god'-on-new-concept-album

Corky Laing 'playing god' on new concept album
'70s style music meets contemporary moral problems

Corky Laing, the legendary drummer of Mountain, teams up with two internationally acclaimed philosophers, prof. Matti Häyry and dr. Tuija Takala, for his new concept album 'Playing God', a musical metaphor for today's attempt to attain perfection. Their joint effort brings together '70s style music and contemporary moral problems of gene technology.

The album by Corky Laing and the Perfct Child (no, that's not a typo) covers many feels and approaches from soft ballads to riff-driven guitar rock, from meditative instrumentals to operatic melody lines.

The world already knew Corky Laing the drummer, but 'Playing God' also marks the debut of Corky Laing as lead vocalist. The main female leads are sang by Maya Paakkari (an entrancing raspy voice from Finland), and Bonnie Parker (wide-ranging singer from the band Tang).

While 'Playing God' is a rock album, it is also the soundtrack to 'Test: the rock opera'. According to Corky, 'Playing God' is something new:

"It represents a crossover between academic research and rock. The ethical and philosophical questions raised by modern biotechnologies are made accessible by using rock music as a medium. On the surface, the storylines are easy to follow, but they also lend themselves to deep philosophical questions about the future of humanity."

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