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Product: Judy Dyble - Flow and Change
Date: 2013-08-19 

Flow and Change
Judy Dyble: Flow and Change
For the folk fans of the first hour, this Judy certainly no stranger. She was one of the founders and singers of Fairport Convention. But her musical aspirations actually begin Judy and The Folkmen (1964-1966). After this musical trip she became the first lead singer of Fairport and with her as a singer was canned the first Fairport Convention album. After her stay with Fairport Convention they get on together with Ian McDonald, who later Foreigner will start to walk. New musical paths When she applied for Melody Maker additional musicians came three names off that would later form the group King Crimson: Robert Fripp, Peter and Mike Giles.
Today is Judy musical still not saturated and 'Flow And Change' now she brings a brand new album on the market. What's this music is concerned, it is music that makes you cry, it's music that makes you laugh but especially that grabs the listener by the balls. As a producer chose Judy for Alistair Murphy (The Curator) also with a lot of the songs written and we get contributions from to Matt Malley (bass - Counting Crows), Julianne Regan (vocal - All About Eve), Pat Mastelotto (drums - King Crimson) 
Some songs which our surprise was so great that our jaw dropped the opener 'Black Dog Dreams', the beautiful magically piano sounds (think but to' A Salty Dog 'by Procol Harum) supportive' Beautiful Child (Freya's song) " the intimate 'Drift Away' which Judy also provides backing vocals. A piano for a serious value can provide here is still talking about clear on the sublime 'Silence'. All numbers that you will cherish. Undeniably And we can not forget her grand opus' The Sisterhood Of Ruralists.
Judy Dyble late with this new release told that they still have that wonderful magical voice and then by Fairport Convention or such as Trader Horn little later, she takes us with this music to an adult world, not the world of the young Fairport Convention musicians who had a soft spot for the fantasy of JRR Tolkien. Whether this issue many hearing will get at the current buying CD audience is questionable but the diehard fans of Fairport Convention, Trader Horn, Richard Thompson ... this will be the CD without any moment of despair purchase because as it should be.
With this new release we hear a beautiful and mature Judy Dyble with songs you probably will cherish. No more Fairport Convention and J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy, what we hear now is music Which takes us to an adult musical world. Goodbye fearies and gnomes .... Hopefully she deserves lots of airplay and not only on obscure radio stations. Diehard fans of Fairport Convention, Trader Horn, Richard Thompson shouldering buy this CD without any hesitation ... Still a great composer and singer-songwriter with a heavenly voice ...

Flow and Change
CD - £9.99

Talking With Strangers
CD - £9.99

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