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Product: Steve Hillage - Live in England 1979
Date: 2013-09-23 

Live in England 1979

Steve Hillage should all prog-infected space rock fans primarily for his work as guitarist with a legend of the genre, Gong to be known. The solo career under his own name first started out quite successful, but ultimately was Hillage another prominent victim of the creative decline of progressive rock.  Precisely for this phase are the recordings of "Live In England 1979", in the context of the then BBC television series' Rock Goes to College 'were transferred simultaneously in the auditorium of the University of Kent live on TV and radio. There had Hillage himself - as he proclaims in the welcome - some years previously studied.
1979 emerged as these recordings was Hillage apparently - as so many established artists - under the impression of that time dramatically changing musical landscape. So attracted punk, wave and funk into his compositions and expanded its space rock is not always to the delight of supporters.The (colored) rhythm section at the time of recording was the 'black' Groove certainly contrary. Great influence exercised probably Hillages partner, the synthesizer specialist Miquette Giraudy , from which more clearly later pretended the electronic direction.
As pleasing as the publication of these rare recordings is so disappointing is sound and picture quality. Well, in the latter case one can immediately push more eyes, because the then technical standard was not too much more. The grisseligen images nourish the rather promising vintage nostalgia factor of the material. The relatively few cameras are not necessarily a disadvantage, because it will allow long shots without too hectic cuts. Hardly acceptable is the dull, almost musty sound quality especially with the CD - because you will not be distracted by the film footage - beech ugly strikes. Sorry, but here you would necessarily have to undergo the master tapes of editing!
The "Salmon Song" from the 1975 solo debut "Fish Rising" represents a fantastic, very 'space-strength' entry, which can literally bounce in your head the salmon. "Unzipping The Zype" is also compelling.
Donovan's Flower Power hippie anthem "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (as a bonus on the CD or in an equally appealing 'Glissando' version) clearly belongs to the credit side of "Live In England 1979'.
Unfortunately, then shredded the hitherto recognizable 'red line' something. The Punk Song "1988 Activator" clearly belongs to the species 'What is this, dammit?'. The following "Unidentified (Flying Being)" is okay, but falls with his danceable funk-rock-jazz duly note from the frame. The Beatles cover of "It's All Too Much" you can also into the category of 'nice' sort (is there anything worse?). During the entire musical examination, however, the sound quality initially described must be considered!
The bonus material on the CD as well as DVD you can call in order. Here mainly provide "Radio" and "Light In The Sky" (within the BBC program 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' recorded) with great camera angles, great sound effects and a real value. A good half-hour interview with Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy complete the additional offering.
Many of Steve Hillage fans will be delighted by the publication of this hitherto unpublished photographs. This is exactly what should be 'Live In England 1979 "the clear target group. However, the weaknesses of the sound quality are striking. This should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.
Steve Hillage (vocals, guitars, synthesizers)
Miquette Giraudy (synthesizer, vocals),
Andy Anderson (drums),
John McKenzie (bass, vocals),
Dave Stewart (guitars, glissando guitar, vocals)
Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99

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