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Product: Steve Hillage - Live in England 1979
Date: 2013-09-01 

Live in England 1979

In 2006, at a convention held in Amsterdam aroundGong and its planets, fans were able to find Steve Hillage in two of his former training, representative of a certain vision of the Psychedelic in the seventies.Nostalgic of the past, yet the man seemed to have finally turned the corner and struck Gong Steve Hillage Band and its present and future projects.However, the pleasure of seeing old companions and a directory of the time had rekindled the flame. 

The possibility of a new solo album in the spirit of the time was quickly raised. Recent publications CDs / DVDs "  Live at the Gong Family Unconvention November Two Thousand and Six - The Melkweg Amsterdam  " and "  Live in England 1979  " seem to support the idea of a close result. Although excellent, the "  Live in England in 1979  " would clearly disappointed without all bonus. Forty-three minutes, less than half a concert, can not restore in part the general atmosphere of the moment. For cons, the judicious choice of six outstanding securities, extracts of five albums, ideally puts the artist and the book value while emphasizing the constant evolution of his music between 1974 and 1979. "  Salmon Song  " extends the Gong "  You  " the times "  Hurdy Gurdy Man  " and "  It's All Too Much  " show can be a Pop-Rock changing established and recognized Psychedelic English spiced with a touch of American Progressive "  Unzipping the Zipper  " and "  Unidentified  " skillfully combines Space-Funk Rock "  Activator 1988  " states that Punk can be interpreted with art and technology. All this is done with a great quintet. Guitars and synthesizers create trippy atmospheres on which the Master singing and especially his guitar mania.The rhythm is strong, supported and funky. 

Only the song of meowing Miquette Giraudy , yet original and rewarding for all, is still underutilized. bonuses bring more indisputable. Recorded live in 1977 in the wake of the album "  L  " , the show twice as Steve Hillage has always left ample room for improvisation. At the time,Khan and Gong remain still in memory, despite the recent collaboration with Todd Rundgren . In this context, "  Electric Gypsies  " deserves special attention.Performed for a video clip, the two times of "  Motivation Radio  " on DVD are also worth visiting. Conducted in 2006, the final interview traces the artist's career and explains his choices, desired or required by the circumstances. A question remains, however topical  : what was and what is still the role of Miquette Giraudy the adventure  ? Presents at his side throughout the interview, which follows from the epic Gong, co-authored, co- , plays and sings, never speaks for itself. A long habit of discretion  ! She comes here incidentally in the discussion, merely support or briefly clarify some facts. Finally, despite some misleading title, this CD / DVD advise. It will appeal to fans of Steve Hillage, Space-Rock guitarists and outsized.CD (58'57) & DVD (86'31)  :


Live in England 1979
CD - £9.99

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