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Product: Merrell Fankhauser - Rainbow Bridge Revisited
Date: 2013-09-08 

Rainbow Bridge Revisited

I'm not a film critic...I may see a dozen movies in a year if I am lucky.

The Rainbow Bridge film released in 1972 was an eccentric tale of those that not only digged the music of the iconic guitarist Jimi Hendrix but were heavily immersed into the surf scene in Maui. The combination of the music and of the rather left of center look at the UFO sightings of the day led to a film that was iconic yet not really touching the depth and genius that was Jimi Hendrix. Rainbow Bridge revisited chronicles the making of the film and the unique perspective of those involved.

Hendrix had left this planet two years prior to the release of this film and while the original film was more of a microcosm of a particular space/time continuum, the Hendrix influence upon the cultural identity of the day was the message being sent. The music is surf music with a heavy Hendrix influence by Merrell Fankhauser, The Space Patrol and Omar and The Wavespies. The DVD package comes with the 12 song soundtrack.

This is an incredibly intriguing look back at popular culture some 41 years earlier. The exploration of spirituality through music, unexplained phenomenon, and the cultural influences of the day is striking...Whether you are a Hendrix fan or not, this look back at one of the most influential musicians of our time is certainly worth a peak.

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