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Product: Corky Laing and the Perfect Child - Playing God
Date: 2013-09-09 

Playing God


Corky Laing and the Perfect Child : Performs Original Music From Test : The Rock Opera
Corky Laing we will probably always associate as the drummer of the American rock band Mountain ( with Leslie West and Felix Pappalardi ) but that would not really correct. He has be imagined. More to answer for than many music He belongs to the elite of contemporary drummers all over the world and we know him , of course, also of his side projects as West , Bruce & Laing , Noel Redding, Mahogany Rush , Ten Years After , Ian Hunter , Mick Ronson , Bo Diddley and even Gov. ' t Mule , we add to this list . Outside drummer he is also a producer and composer and wrote the big hit Mountain " Mississippi Queen " .
To realize this new project he shares the vision of two contemporary philosophers namely Finnish Matti Hayry and Tuija Takala because they were actually the conspirators behind the project that they call a crossover between academic research and rock music and to stay in Finnish hills invited Laing various musicians to work in this project . Outside the Finns we hear even as a special guest Eric Schenkman ( guitar ) of the Spin Doctors , Bonnie Parker ( bass , vocals ) and Denny Colt ( Van Helsing 's Curse - guitar , vocals ) .
Corky Laing and the Perfect Child are ... Corky Laing (drums , vocals, percussion , guitar ) , Bonnie Parker ( bass , vocals ) , Denny Colt ( guitar, vocals) , Lasse Väyrynen ( guitar, bass , keyboards , backing vocals) , Matti Hayry ( guitar, keyboards , vocals ) , Tuija Takala ( guitar, vocals) , Maya Paakkari (vocals ) , Harri Väyrynen ( guitar, bass , vocals ) , Mikaela Mansikkala (vocals ) , Hanna Paatero (backing vocals) .
Corky Laing has added to his illustrious musical career with this production a brand new chapter. This project , in collaboration with professors , Prof. Dr. Matti Hayry and Tuija Takala , is actually a form of mixing of genetic engineering with rock opera music . At the core of this musical prose is Corky Laing instrumental baffles , but he shows his best side . Lyrically and vocally It is a rock musical production with a cross between Alice Cooper's " Welcome to my Nightmare " , Pink Floyd's 'The Wall ' and 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show ' . But also elements of ' Jeff Wayne's ' War of the Worlds' sit here secretly intertwined .
Do not expect long songs , the longest here is only a short five minutes. You can not evaluate the CD song by song because then you 'll be disappointed , it is the whole project you deserve attention and then you come to the conclusion that you love here a masterpiece in your hands .
Some very melodic lines alternate with slightly more rock -oriented musical delights (mainly vancde Finns ) but we are therefore no denying that many many metal riffs emerge. Listen especially to " Terrace Of The Gods ' , ' Jupiter ' and the magnificent 'Journey ' and you will immediately understand why this has become a beautiful drive .
In summary, this CD is without a doubt become a hussar work that we will not soon forget , you have to have the chance just like we did with ao 'The Wall ' and ' War Of The Worlds ' because that hear the CD at home. Beautiful work , Corky .
Alfons Maes ( 4 )
Some very melodic lines alternate with slightly more rock - oriented musical delights but we can not deny That some metal riffs emerge here and there . Listen carefully to ' Terrace Of The Gods ' , ' Jupiter ' and the magnificent 'Journey ' Immediately and you will understand why this CD has become a beautiful piece of art already. We will never forget this project easily , but you have to give it a chance just as we did with ' The Wall' and ' War Of The Worlds ' . Beautiful work , Corky .
Playing God
CD - £9.99

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