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Product: Corky Laing and the Perfect Child - Playing God
Date: 2013-09-23 

Playing God


Excelent álbum! Congratulations!
Known for his work in the blues -rock power trio Mountain drummer Corky Laing has just added to its laudatory career one of the most brilliant chapters in the creation of this amazing rock opera God. Playing With the collaboration of Professor . Matti Häyry and Dr. Tuija Takala , two internationally acclaimed teachers , it was possible to create a story where genetic engineering crosses the rock . Accompanying Laing 's The Perfect Child , an incredible ensemble of musicians and vocalists that help transport Playing God for a superior level of quality . More than just a rock opera , Playing God approaches often of great musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber , for example , revealing a bright and exciting musical journey both in instrumental terms as lyrics and vocals . Highly theatrical , crosses various musical fields ranging from an opening symphony , the acoustic blues of black soul , punk and metal, with heavy riffs crossed with atmospheric passages , moments of high musicality and even oriental notes . The vocal structure , extraordinarily rich features choirs , vocal polyphonic games , dialogues and narrations . In summary , in this work the rock serves as a means for current ethical and philosophical issues raised by developments in modern biotechnology . Whether in the field or in another , highlight the high quality achieved with this project , pleasing the most demanding listeners not only in terms of construction of history as musical creation , and execution .
tracklist :
1. Gods March
2 . Luke 's Blues
3 . Terrace Of The Gods
4 . Perfect Boy
5 . Tony 's Return
6 . College Girls
7 . Silent Dream
8 . My Brother's Gonna Die
9 . Open Up Your Imagination
10 . Here Is Our Blood
11 . Jupiter
12 . Tim's Requiem
13 . Not Good enouth
14 . Father's Lament
15 . Crying Shame
16 . Journey
17 . Sisterhood
18 . vital Stream
19 . Revelations I
20 . Meltdown
21. Revelations II
22. Eyes In The Mirror
23. Revelations III
24 . Mr. C 's Demise
25 . In This World
Line -up :
Corky Laing - drums, vocals and guitars
Bonnie Parker - bass and vocals
Denny Colt - guitar and vocals
Lasse Väyrynen - guitars, bass , keyboards and choirs
Matti Häyry - guitars , keyboards and vocals
Tuija Takala - guitars and vocals
Maya Paakkari - vocals
Harri Väyrynen - guitars , bass and vocals
Mikaela Mansikkala - vocals
Hanna Paatero - choirs

Playing God
CD - £9.99

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