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Product: Corky Laing and the Perfect Child - Playing God
Date: 2013-10-07 

Playing God

What would be the result if you would imprison a North American musical genius with two Finnish philosophers for a long time in a rehearsal room? And what if these two distinguished scientists also were also musicians? An ambitious musical project with explorative claim? The answers could be present in the rock opera "Playing God" to find ...
The Mountain drummer Corky Laing has with the two Finnish professors of bioethics and philosophy, Dr. Matti Häyry and Dr. Tuija Takala critically with the subject of 'genetic engineering' set apart and created a musical that this summer as a "test: The Rock Opera" was performed at two professional conferences in Paris and Basel and received enthusiastically by the experts assembled there. That the two scientists in addition to the texts also guitar, keyboard and vocals could bring, is a quite remarkable side aspect. The old fox Corky Laing stood before the project as a musical chef.The three concept musical and visual implementation have developed together.
A young rock band, composed mainly of the two homelands of the protagonists was assembled relatively quickly, including the young bassist Bonnie Parker , otherwise in Corky Laing active band and the talented hard rock and metal guitarist Denny Colt . The main female characters are from the Finnish singers Mikaela Mansikkala and Maya Paakkari , sung, this year's Voice of Finland '. EvenCorky tries to the extent not always completely convincing results, but his character 'Luke'
- a 110-year-old bluesman - on a very emotional level play. Sometimes he reminds me of this - even in the credibility - of Tom Waits . 
Musically one uses deep into the bag of tricks of the seventies and so it is hardly surprising when one feels occasionally reminiscent of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Mainly it's classic rock, with elements from the fields of hard'n'heavy, country and North American and Scandinavian folklore, or even Spanish (sometimes oriental influences) feeds on. But the young participants have of course also leave their mark and - Finland is known to be a stronghold -. Too heavy metallic ("Vital Stream") or angry incorporate alternative rock ("Crying Shame") 
the shiny active 'spin doctor' Eric Schenkman is allowed not forget the "Father's Lament" puts his stamp as a musical guest "Jupiter" and and two of the notable songs from "Playing God" can grow.
The plot is illustrated and explained in principle relatively quickly in the title of this rock opera, "Playing God". It comes to the issue of genetic engineering and the fears of man could be tempted to play God. Corky Laing and his colleagues take the listener into the near future, in the small town of 'Happyville' - the brave new world of revolutionary treatment techniques , the perfecting of 'designer babies', the fountain of eternal youth and beauty. The carelessness and naivety of its inhabitants, the apparent benefits and the puppeteers in the background blindly trusting, has already Orwell believed 'sche trains. This is underpinned by the normal human emotions such as rivalry, love and jealousy.Times the intellectual level is touched with sociological and philosophical questions - sometimes the actors play highly emotional or just plain silly. Well, the raised index finger is ubiquitous, but with such a committed presented topic is hardly avoidable. Well, interested??
This project it would not be appropriate now to dissect it piece by piece at this point. More so than in many other concept albums should apply here: CD slide into the player, take the booklet with the complete printed text, including explanatory notes on hand and immerse yourself in "Playing God." 

High Tension is likely here is a publication of the stage putting on DVD/Blu- ray will, hopefully already in the planning of the men Laing, Dr. Häyry and Dr. Takala has matured. Maybe it comes in the near future to further live performances. Personally, I'm curious as to the effect of the infamous Flitzebogen!


Corky Laing (drums, vocals, percussion, guitar, musical director)
Bonnie Parker (bass, vocals)
Denny Colt (guitar, vocals),
Lasse Väyrynen (guitars, Guitalele, bass, keyboards, backing vocals)
Matti Häyry (guitars , Guitalele, keyboards, vocals),
Tuija Takala (guitar, vocals)
Mikaela Mansikkala (vocals),
Maya Paakkari (vocals)
Harri Väyrynen (guitar, bass, vocals),
Eric Schenkman (guitar - # 11.14)
Hanna Paatero (backing vocals)

Playing God
CD - £9.99

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