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Product: Judy Dyble - Flow and Change
Date: 2013-10-25 

Flow and Change

Judy Dyble
Folk is the new rock n roll, or so the Mumfords and Laura Marling amongst others would have us believe; however Judy Dyble cut her teeth when folk rock was the new rock 'n' roll, and since she began her 30 year break to raise a family virtually everything that was fact then has changed . However one of the things that hasn’t is the quality of her voice. An extraordinary instrument that is given full reign here, couched as it is in beautiful string arrangements and soaring melodies.
Dyble is not your traditional A-UK musician; This is genuine folk from the English tradition, but it has taken note of the progression of the tradition. We have nods to Jim Moray in the arrangements particularly ‘Beautiful Child (Freya’s Song)’ and there is a sense that progression may have step over into progressive in some of the arrangements. 
This was after all the woman who formed a band mainly consisting of the future members of King Crimson.
The whole album creates a mood of introspection and pastoral sensibility. A quiet word from a friend, a nod of reassurance that sort of thing. How could it be any different with track titles such as ‘The Sisterhood of Ruralists’? One for Jeremy!
Flow and Change
CD - £9.99
Talking With Strangers
CD - £9.99

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