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Product: Crystal Grenade - Lo! And Behold
Date: 2013-11-05 

Lo! And Behold

This is translated through Google Translate so a bit odd in translation:


Frankly I had never heard of Crystal Grenade . Behind the conceived in a drunken stupor deformed character with a Victorian morality , which fits into the freaky folk scene of the experimental angle , the British singer Carol Hodge shelter . I was not familiar with the punk and metal bands , which Carol has made part ( Cumbria and Sadie Hawkins Dance) . As if a door opens to a different and new musical experience is set to " Lo ! And Behold " her eccentric mezzo soprano and piano key. Self she wrote about it: " Its like Amanda Palmer , fighting Tori Amos and Shake Sphere 's Sister in a dimly lit Victorian bar with hand deformities . On with producer Nick Zart ( The Modern , Backdraft ) included " Lo ! And Behold " Crystal Grenade sings confidently with raw emotion the throat of her body . Opinionatedness and deep thoughts alternate loosely.
A world of difference between this plate, the compositions lead to gloomy moods and her other project Raggende and dynamic music of the formation Wrecks . It feels like a tension that after every song ever tighter and tighter cited . " Lo ! And Behold " is a record that can be . Not just punctured It is the quality of the songs and her fabulous voice , which ensures continued my listening habits. Hopefully this plate of Carol Hodge and Crystal Grenade not turn off exercise .
( Johan Schoenmakers)

Lo! And Behold
CD - £9.99

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