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Product: Merrell Fankhauser - Rainbow Bridge Revisited
Date: 2013-11-11 

Rainbow Bridge Revisited
Rainbow Bridge Revisited ( Merrell Fankhauser )
(2013 , Gonzo Multimedia )
For the youngest , Rainbow Bridge was a 1972 film directed by Chuck Wein that featured pictures of a concert of Jimi Hendrix ( who had died two years earlier ) , a small conversation between Hendrix , Wein and Pat Hartley and a set of local elements who used the music of Hendrix as a way to explore their spirituality and understanding of the cosmos via the successive viewing UFOs . 41 years later, the director and guitarist Merrell Fankhauser ( considered one of the most innovative musicians called surf music and psychedelic folk rock and leader of The Impacts , instrumental surf music band ) revisits this film to explore more deeply your message . Thus arises Rainbow Bridge Revisited , an idea of the journalist Steve Omar Omar himself with production together with Fankhauser . The two were looking to Maui and interviewing the original cast of Rainbow Bridge and hear how it was filming and dealing with Jimi Hendrix . And so between images of the beautiful beaches of Maui and California , there are interviews with Paul Gebauer , John Schafill , Leslie Potts , Steve Sutherland and Mike Hynson . The result is this documentary about one hour and a soundtrack with 12 tracks . A local band , the The Space Patrol contributes to The Wall , a theme of 1997; himself Omar and The Wavespies participates with Surf Rage , 2005 ; All Along The Watchtower , the opening theme is an original Bob Dylan dated 1968 and the rest of the subjects belong Merrell Fankhauser and range chronologically from 1975 ( Waterfall) and 2004 ( Last Wave at Hanalei ) . Curious is the fact that the current lead singer of The Space Patrol , Les Potts , have been in the original edition of Rainbow Bridge. The package also includes an audio CD with all of these themes ranging from rock and roll , rockabilly , blues and surf music , being mainly instrumental (only Waterfall , Surf Rage , and The Wall are Calling From A Star unvoiced ), and where the addition of the saxophone (Wild gyrations , Surfin 101 and Hookipa ) and harmonic ( the Wall) eventually incorporate more exotic work .
tracklist :
1. All Along The Watchtower
2 . Last Wave At Hanalei
3 . Wild gyrations
4 . Surfin 101
5 . Waterfall
6 . Hookipa
7 . Mother Sea
8 . The Wind Cried Maui
9 . Monster Swell
10 . surf Rage
11 . The Wall
12 . Calling From A Star


Rainbow Bridge Revisited
DVD/CD - £9.99

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2CD - £9.99

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