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Product: Clearlight - Best Of Clearlight
Date: 2014-05-14 

Best Of Clearlight

From: Siggy Zielinski

In 2004, living in Brazil Frenchman Cyrille Verdeaux had completed a solo appearance as a pianist at the French Embassy. After that, the ambassador expressed the view just heard was kept in an Impressionist style. This incident has brought the idea to dedicate his next Clearlight album Impressionism in music and painting Verdeaux. Therefore, the compositions of artists such as Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Degas, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Lautrec are dedicated. But also the music-Impressionists like Ravel, Debussy, Chopin and Satie presented represents a major inspiration
It took a full ten years later, to "Impressionist Symphony" was ready and could be published. That took a long time, partly because Verdeaux as a freelance musician waited again for the opportunity to put to him a nice mate for a few hours a recording studio. As it slowly became clear that 'Impressionist Symphony "on the fortieth anniversary of the publication of" Clearlight Symphony "comes out (in the context means Verdeaux," Clearlight Symphony "was published in 1974), had Verdeaux the same three fellow musicians as then their posts asked about the new album. These colleagues Didier Malherbe hot, Steve Hillage and Tim Blake. But also a musician / interior that were not there to "Clearlight Symphony" as Paul Sears (drummer with The Muffins), Remy Tran (synthesizer), Craig Fry (violin), Linda Cushma (known by Oxygene8, bass) Vincent Thomas Penny (guitar) and Chris Kovax (synthesizer) may help to shape "Impressionist Symphony".
While "Renoir en Couleur" still strongly to "Clearlight Symphony" remembers the composer tries in pieces such as' Time is Monet "in a music that is likely more appeal to the friends of classical music and cause mixed feelings for diehard rock fans. The sweeping piano and the violin jubilant play here namely a leading role. The final "Monet Time duet" even "only" of a violin and a piano contest, while "Time is Monet" also still had synthesizer, flute and percussion to offer. " Monet Time duet "is actually just pure classical music.
With "Pisarro King" you get for an impressive example of polyphonic enormous densely arranged music of Verdeaux, so do not even really notice the played only in this piece tubular bells at the keyboard instruments mehrspurig used and the electric guitar.
It can therefore make two kinds of ideas to "Impressionist Symphony": the highly oriented to classical music and those that would probably expect most of Progfreunde Verdeaux. Finally, can play a lot of first-class classical music, but few can make the keyboard-oriented prog classic, Space Rock, Canterbury and jazz-rock convincing each other, as is the case in better compositions by Verdeaux. Pieces, such as "Degas de la Marine" make it somehow classic and prog a la Verdeaux to unite under one title.
Overall Verdeaux is "Impressionist Symphony" a worthy, in my opinion - even if at times a little more relaxed acting - continued the musical tradition succeeded, which was started 40 years ago with "Clearlight Symphony". But it may well be that the increased attention will trigger to classical music without rock elements in some more skepticism.
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Published on: 04/19/2014
Last modification: 04/19/2014
Rating :11/15

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