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Product: Corky Laing and the Perfect Child - Playing God
Date: 2013-11-16 

Playing God
Admit it, reader : it is something else , such a musical about the malleability of Man and Life . In my absolute ignorance , it is also just about the last thing I would have . Corky Laing heavily identified Corky Laing , you know, the schreeulelijke shouter drummer include Mountain.

And yet , this is exactly what this record is about. The full title , fine print included, is " Corky Laing and The Perfect Child perform Original Music from Test, the Rok Opera" and the title says it all about .

Laing teamed with a predominantly Finnish band and made with two of the band members , who are also philosophers prove , with high quality papers to their name , a musical about where it should with humanity back , if we look at the technical possibilities today there are all what was once simply called "nature" , to influence . in its course

Where we come out with a genetically engineered ? Man will remain human, or is it the product of a process that other people have set for him ? Well, children have always been (partly ) the product of their parents , but today the possibilities are so evolved that the human being you can order almost fabriceren.Vandaar also the short title of the album " Playing God " : people Godje can start playing , but the question arises , how will it ( can ) handle .

Best stodge so , but - and this will many a surprise - : it works in conjunction with the based mainly on heavy rock musical accompaniment : This is a classic rock opera , with all the trimmings , in seventies atmosphere , where the memories of precursors as " Tommy " are never far away .

I've never had much to the music of bands like Mountain, but I acknowledge with much eagerness that Laing surprised me here with his singing and I was particularly struck by the geloofwaazrdigheid of the whole project . You have to admit , it's got it all: a theme pack in rock music and still manage that here more than nice : the melodies of the female roles contrast beautifully with that of men , when disbelief and powerlessness must be imagined , that sounds Is this really by anger and rage , period.

I was blown out of my socks ? Not really . I am more than pleasantly surprised by this record? Absolutely do . I would look if the opportunity arises ? Without a doubt. So for my doing this is a very positive balance on a plate that is made by people from a genre which I have absolutely no affinity .

( Dani Heyvaert )

Playing God
CD - £9.99

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