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Product: Ant-Bee - Electronic Church Muzik
Date: 2013-12-03 

Electronic Church Muzik
Ant-Bee - Electronic Church Muzik


Electronic Church Muzik

Barking Moondog (2011)
Imagine a disk in which participating States epifanestata bands like Mothers Of Invention, Magic Band to Captain Beefheart, Alice Cooper (when he was still a band), Focus, Gong, Yes ... Well, now you can stop imagining because surely the result has nothing to do with what happens in the "Electronic Church Muzik". The Ant-Bee, aka Billy James, has long unsolicited take the project to gather some of his favorite musicians from the '60s and '70s, in order to revive and reactivate their music. In this, however, adds plenty of doses convictions of avant-garde route. You, then, are two covers on the "Living" from the first disk (or "the" if you prefer) Alice Cooper and "Don't You Ever Learn" the Todd Rudgren to be among the most robust configurations disc and significantly interesting in the way the soul and psychedelic elements respectively amplified after care they receive. Can the "Eye Of Agamoto" the participant Don Preston also function as a Mini reunion Mothers body and soul.Can Jan Akkerman in "Mannah" to impress the guitar virtues that earned him vast amounts of nature and like to do and Zoot Horn Rollo in "Mallard Flies Towards Heaven". 
But all belongs more in the Ant-Bee, who manages to tie all these elements into something that has its own identity. And it is none other than a space-electronic-psychedelic and sometimes oddly church (to justify the title album) music. This result was greatly assisted by craftsmen kind Daevid Allen and Gilli Smith.Where necessary, however, he takes the reins as the wonderful "Flutter-Bye, Butter-Flye", after also doing everything on the disk, from song to washboard and the loops until the mellotron. We end missing and other strange sounds of chickens, donkeys and ... the Groucho Marx! Overall, the sound escapes, of course, the mainstream and wants a degree of risk and ignorance search of adventure music to be appreciated. On the other hand, flows smoothly, is friendly enough for the listener (for data sets at least) and has moments that can be isolated from the whole. I would not say to listen anyway, but I'd certainly not ignore. 
Pure Electric Honey
SCD - £9.99

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