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Product: Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun - The Woman In The Black Vinyl Dress
Date: 2013-12-10 

The Woman In The Black Vinyl Dress

01. DOGS BLACK CIRCLE, 02. COCAINE & GUNPOWDER, 03. VINYL BLACK DRESS, 04.VENUS ON HER SHELL, 05. THE DARK MATTER, 06. I DO NOT LIKE IT HERE, 07. PICK UP THE SCISSORS AND RUN), 08. IF I WAS ON MY HUN A PONY, 09. CIGARETTES, 10.BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, 11. AK47, 12. HUMIDITY ON THE 7TH FLOOR, 13. AK47 (Reprise) 14.TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS TRAINING: Andy Colquhoun (Guitars / Bass / Keyboards), Jacki Windmill (Drums), Mick Farren (vocals) TAGs: serious Vocal , Guitar-Hero , 70's ,Bluesy , Happy / Delirious , Intimate , Melancholic , Dark , Tribal

Mick Farren died ... Bad way to start the chronicle'' Black Vinyl Dress'' ultimate album prince of the English against-culture. The album was composed with his long-time collaborator, multi-instrumentalist Andy Colquhoun , who plays guitar, bass and piano, and drummer Jacki Windmill . Started in August 2012, the registration process will take six months, which contradicts the legend that wants Mick Farren , feeling his death come, has registered in an emergency. The first track of the album, the short gives 'Black Dogs Circles' we immediately set the tone of the album: a sweet and melancholy warm voice that recites rather than sings surreal lyrics and a guitar solo flirting with the blues. As'' Black Vinyl Dress'' is the work of a poet, a disillusioned miracle that survived the Fall ('Cocaine and Gunpowder), but whose survival is now being unreliable, offering a new perspective listening to the song. Do not we hear Mick Farren we speak beyond the walls of sleep, supported by tribal drums that reminds us that the funeral was advanced ('' We had Reached the point / At All which We would believe anything ' ')? two other tracks stand out. This is the title song, romantic jewel toned black and 'Cigarettes', with his impeccable guitar riff, perfect recovery words'' Just something to do'' Between cigarettes, female vocals possessed, tribute to William Burroughs , making this song, underground tube tomorrow. album is embellished with some other lighter pieces, recalling the heyday of Deviants , 'I do not like it here', which also sends us toFrank Zappa and Robert Calvert , 'Pick up the scissors' with its sharp guitar,' Tomorrow never knows'', acid and Navy recovery Beatles , and double jumping AK47. Those who do not like the song spoke will point finger that music seems to constantly withdrawal. But we must say that the album is not only that of Mick Farren , it would be a shame to ignore the mastery 's Andy Colquhoun , a disciple of Gary Moore , whose guitars know come into harmony with his voice full of spleen a poet beyond ('If I was a Hun on my Pony'.) With 'Black Vinyl Dress', Mick Farren became the rock star he always wanted to be, the equal of a Nick Cave (with the very piano-blues 'Beautiful Women'). 'Black Vinyl Dress' is an album from another time, demanding that requires several listens to appreciate the ambrosia of his black fruits.

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