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Product: Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun - The Woman In The Black Vinyl Dress
Date: 2013-12-15 

The Woman In The Black Vinyl Dress


Mick Farren was the rock singer with one of the most wild hairdos ever. Late 60s His black nest flew back and forth during the performances of his punk , hevy metal and rock group The Deviants ' , a band that he himself had formed under the name ' The Social Deviants . " In 1967 Soon there were a lot of members away from the original formation and the group was shortened to 'The Deviants ' .
Mid- 70s was Mick Farren record an album for the independent label Stiff Records. It was an EP " Screwed Up " on which guitarist Larry Wallis (former " Motörhead " ) , bassist Andy Colquhoun (former " Warsaw Pact " ) and Alan Powell ( ex - ' Hawkwind ' ) played a role .
Since 1980, returned to the severely asthmatic Mick Farren only very sporadically back into the musical spotlight and he came back once more in June 2011 for a live performance at the famous Glastonbury Festival , along with his old buddy Andy Colquhoun . On July 27, 2013 he performed at age 69 again with 'The Deviants ' in 'The Borderline ' in Soho , London when he collapsed on stage and later died in hospital .
The old punk rocker , anarchist, journalist and street politician Mick Farren had just one last , not quite finished album that was completed by Andy Colquhoun after his death and now posthumously brought under the title "Black Vinyl Dress" on the market.
Mick Farren was for years known as a symbol of the acrimonious underground scene , and he later wrote for the popular British music magazine NME New Music Express ' and delivered columns off to the American newspaper " City Beat " and the " International Times . He was also the author of 23 novels both fiction, non -fiction and biographical inspired .
Now also have some information about this latest record " Black Vinyl Dress" . Fourteen songs were recorded with this Andy Colquhoun on guitar , bass and keyboards and Jaki Windmill on percussion . Colquhoun composed the music and wrote all the lyrics Mick Farren , except composed by John Lennon & Paul McCartney song " Tomorrow Never Knows " that the Beatles recorded in 1966 as the last track on the album " Revolver " .
This album starts with a very melodic pop song " Black Dogs Circle " which Mick Farren rather a poem contributes to sing , something moreover on the title track and several other songs of this album will happen. Not for nothing , he called himself a " lousy singer but an excellent rock star ." The songs on this album regularly think of Nick Cave which is very often in the dark shadows of the pop and rock music tends to move.
The repetitive guitar riff in " Venus On Her Shell " is a clever discovery of Andy Colquhoun which he leaves a threatening tone of the story told here flow . In "The Dark Matter" Jaki Windmill doing something similar on percussion while Mick Farren recites his lines in full Frank Zappa - style . The we feel best musical songs on this CD are " Cigarettes " , it is very hard for anything from Nick Cave slip off " Beautiful Women " and " Beatles' cover " Tomorrow Never Knows " which Jaki Windmill for real vocal vocals are coming worry.

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