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Product: Blodwyn Pig - Pigthology
Date: 2013-12-29 


Blodwyn Pig - Pigthology
Author: Arthur Chachlowski 
The legend of the British blues rock releases a new album! But "Pigthology" is not a new set of new songs the group, and a compilation of unreleased on CD recordings, live tracks, and re-mastered version of the most famous hits in the achievements of Blodwyn Pig, such as, among others, "Dear Jill", "See My Way" and "Drive Me". 
Blodwyn Pig Group was founded in 1968 by guitarist Mick Abrahams, after he left the band Jethro Tull, just after his spectacular debut, "This Was". Abraham, with Jack Lancaster (saxophone, flute, violin), Andy dust (bass) and Ron Berg (drums) - later replaced it with a known Jethro Tull, Clive Bunker - recorded two CDs: "Ahead Rings Out" (1969) and "Getting To This" (1970), and then ... solved Blodwyn Pig. 
This formation, in various configurations personal, but always with Abraham and Lancaster in the composition, repeatedly returned to active operations, which in the 90s the last century has resulted in two consecutive plates: "Lies" (1993) and "Pig-in-the-middle" (1996). Then, there has been a renaissance popularity Blodwyn Pig.Perhaps not necessarily because of those two albums, and thanks to the song "Dear Jill" in the hugely popular film "Almost Famous" Cameron Crowe. 
Released this year by the branch Gonzo Multimedia, label Squirrel Music , CD "Pigthology" is an attempt to re-deserved reminder of the achievements of the British rock group, which at one time were placed on a par with The Moody Blues, The Who, Family and Joe Cocker Free - artists with whom, incidentally, Blodwyn Pig performed at the legendary Isle Of Wight Festival in 1969. On this album we find 12 unique tracks, which will certainly prove to be a large demand bluesrockowej good music. For sure it will restore the memory of the forgotten little longer formation, and for cast-wishers creativity Blodwyn Pig, at least in some cases, may prove to be a big surprise. "In appearing on this compilation version of the song" Baby Girl "Mick Abrahams plays the piano. The concert performance of "Cosmogrification", which we recorded in Luton in 1973 and the drums played Clive Bunker, who replaced a sick Rona Berg. In turn, "Moonkinit" I play the piano. I say this because in our compositions usually did not use keyboards "- explains Jack Lancaster. Such trivia is indeed on the album more. As you can see, "Pigthology" has a chance to become a real white raven and the object of desire of all the fans of this team. 
The Basement Tapes
CD - £9.99
The Basement Tapes
CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

CD - £9.99

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