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Product: Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun - The Woman In The Black Vinyl Dress
Date: 2013-12-27 

The Woman In The Black Vinyl Dress

Can there be a better death for a rock musician, as (except maybe at home in his sleep) on the stage to die? (Almost) exactly is the English musician and writer Mick Farren happened when, on 27, heJuly 2013 collapsed on stage during a concert at the age of 69 years and died the same evening.
His artistic career began when he moved to the first half of the sixties went to London to study and also brought his being a musician on the move. With the band The Deviants he published from 1967 to 1969 three slices before 1970 for the first solo album "Mona - The Carnivorous Circus" came. He then focused for several years been stepped on his writing career, the music but never really let go.He was a short time a member of the Pink Fairies (anyone still reminiscent of "Uncle Harry's Last Freakout"?), but without being involved in recordings.
Mid-seventies, there was a relatively short reunion of the Deviants , what the spark at the good Mickwas after all flare up again so far that in 1978, the great (of course, from punk rock influenced) solo album Vampires Stole My Lunch Money appeared. Here, among other things, it was Wilko Johnson(ex- Dr Feelgood , RIP) and Chrissie Hynde ( The Pretenders ) in the studio to help you. The Deviants were also found over the decades again sporadically, playing shows, and there were also sporadic albums . With this band he was also on the stage, had come as the day of his death.
In the spring of 2012 was Mick Farren one last time with material for a full album in a recording studio. There should be no ordinary rock album, but he recited his designated texts (at different rates) to click tracks and handed the result is then multi-instrumentalist Andy Colquhoun ( The Deviants ), to highlight the text with more rock and bluesy music. The result is now available and goes by the lovely name "Black Vinyl Dress".
If you like this kind of performance or simply want to retest times, which is then also our lifestyle served by this disc. I have Mick Farren actually always liked and it also makes her what if the asthmatics his lyrics with the distinctive voice - sometimes peaceful, sometimes a bit excited - barking into the microphone. And as already mentioned, the whole was then deposited with rock and blues songs that round out this Chose then also outstanding.
It is logical that this record of the former White Panther (UK) activists is not necessarily for everyone.But finally Anchecken costs nothing and maybe big favor is one or the other of you but to find the presented 14 'songs'. Especially since the texts of bullocks anyway can provide a consistently high quality. So who the man never knew before: Do not be shy pretend and listen!


Mick Farren (vocals),
Andy Colquhoun (all instruments and programming, additional vocals)

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