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Product: Auburn - Nashville
Date: 2014-05-05 


Auburn: Nashville
Auburn is a UK band that loves the music emanating from America's blues and country sound, especially the city of Nashville. In fact,Nashville is the name of their latest album release. 
Auburn is lead by the unique pop vocals of Liz Lenten. The band includes Thomm Jutz, the band's producer and guitar player; Lynn Williams, on percussion; Mark Fain, on bass; Barry Walsh, on piano and organ; Terry Crisp, on pedal steel guitar; and Britt Savage on harmony vocals. The band has an exciting past, with many of these band members resumes full of some of Nashville's best performers including Roy Orbison, Joan Osborne, Robert Cray, Dolly Parton, Ricky Skaggs, Martina Mc Bride, and Garth Brooks, among a long list of famous country stars. 
The band returned to recording in 2012 with Indian Summer, and now follows that critically acclaimed return with Nashville. Their return followed a 10 date UK tour alongside the legendary Jefferson Starship. 
Liz Lenten's vocals do not match traditional country music expectations, and that is the nice surprise with this music. It is as if Kate Bush was to sing some country or folk sounding melodies. Her faint but higher pitched sound is just the ticket to give this music the unique sound it needs. The first track "Sitia Bay" is a great blues number that is probably my album favourite. Most of the other tracks contain a country or folksy feel, with British influences permeating. The twang is there, but it is not overwhelming. "Full to the Brim" is another excellent bluesy track. 
I am not a country music fan in any way. But Auburn's music does not comfortably fit in the traditional country mould. This album is more like modern country rock with a pop singer at the helm. I actually enjoyed this album and it opened my ears to listen to some modern country music. 
Track Listing: 
1. Sitia Bay 
2. Let's start over 
3. Hurting 
4. Crazy People 
5. Pride is a Thief 
6. Butterfly 
7. Maybe Tonight 
8. Full to the Brim 
9. I Would Fall Down 
10. Leaving Day 
11. If You Knew 
12. I'm Lost 
Added: April 28th 2014
Reviewer: Mark Johnson
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Language: english
CD - £9.99

Indian Summer
CD - £9.99

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