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Product: Brand X - Is There Anything About?
Date: 2014-03-15 

Is There Anything About?

BRAND X: Is There Anything About - 2013 Edition (1982)
Posted by Aladdin_Sane the 07/03/2014 Genre (s): JAZZ /ROCK
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01. Ipanaemia, 02. A Longer April, 03. Tmiu-atga, 04. Swan Song 05. Is There Anything About,? 06. Modern, 07. Sy And Effective TRAINING: John Giblin (bass), John Goodsall (Guitars), Percy Jones (bass), Peter Robinson (keyboards), Phil Collins (Vocals / Drums) Robin Lumley (Keyboard) TAGs: 70's , Fusion , Jazzy , Technical


Last album with Phil Collins on drums, "Is There Anything About" is firmly rooted in the 80s as evidenced by its ultra-polished production and (some) too clinical. Dice 'Ipanaemia' guitar can clearly hear John Goodsall as rarely before then or in groups of jazz-rock as demonstrative Uzeb at the same time. 'A follow April' exudes a more contemplative atmosphere that recalls some work Weather Report on 'Tmiu Atga', it highlights keyboards Robin Lumley in a synthetic environment thatVangelis himself would not have denied. Maybe 'Swan Song' seems a little dated as its keyboard parts you probably remember the Genesis of "Abacab", one can even hear the hearts there to talk about the strong influence of Phil Collins on this composition, it there is a not your servant can take.
The title track is probably one of the best songs of the album. Starting with a set of cymbals and repetitive low enough fine-tuned, this piece is expanding gradually with the addition of other instruments (keyboards, guitar) to move towards a rather successful tribal-jazz atmosphere with a final in which Phil Collins shows his talent as a drummer emeritus. The last composition "Modern, Noisy and Effective" unfortunately fall a little bellows with his keyboards a bit kitsch but finally willing rooted in a time when fusion had found its place in popular music.
In less than 35 minutes, Brand X shows a new sound both knowledge about a jazz-rock both sophisticated and accessible if not revolutionary. If you liked their previous productions, this album is not in your déméritera nightclub. More information about

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