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Product: Gary Windo - Deep Water
Date: 2014-02-24 

Deep Water

(Gary Windo)
Gonzo Import 
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

After having reviewed Gary Windo’s Steam Radio Tapes, a collection of found songs, I was able to get a glimpse of what Windo was about. His Sax and Clarinet skills amazed me and it only helped that he was backed by a skilled collection of musicians, but that album seemed to be a best of, lacking a continuity within its design. 

Deep Water is a 1988 release that features what the Steam Radio Tapes had been missing, a substantial theme at its core. The album feels as if it comes from a dark place with songs that feel very much in tune with a band like Joy Division. Windo’s vocals are unfeeling and monotone, but with an edge to them, much like Ian Curtis had. 

Very few of the songs on the album have a lot of lyrics on them though, instead Windo opting to provide the album with his masterful alto sax skills. Rounding out each song though is a mesmerizing guitar foundation, drums that can be rhythmic and calming or explosive in that jazz standard. Bass is a real stand out on the album providing the songs with that dark vibe, but there is also that funky jazz feel to them as well. Just look at Subway Love, a track that reminds me of Frank Zappa or Zapp. 

Thought this album was very different from Steam Radio Tapes, aside from the obvious inclusion of Ginkie which features on both, I found myself once again captivated by the late performers mastery of on everything he touched. Well worth throwing down a few bucks to grab this album up. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy. 

Review by AJ Garcia 


Steam Radio Tapes
CD - £9.99


Dog Face
CD - £9.99


Deep Water
CD - £9.99

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