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Product: Gary Windo - Dog Face
Date: 2014-02-22 

Dog Face


Gary Windo / Dogface
Dogface Playing time: 39:43
Format: CD
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2014 (1982)
Style: Fusion

Review on 22/02/2014 Wolfgang Giese

So this is a 'dog face', the Gary Windo on the cover trying to represent? Well, maybe it is to act aggressively? I think it is more of a little amusing. Or does he want the same bite? All this might be evidence of the expected music ...
To dogs, the subjects also seem to turn, you just look up the tracklist. So I am curious what here between puppies and Lassie romps. The information for each song indicate that different bands act.So I have these also reported accordingly. For this there are in the booklet still a 'historical note':'Except for NRBQ , all bands in this recordings were variations of Pam Windo & The Shades ".
Along with Hal Willner produced Gary Windo this album in 1982 in the Grog Kill Studios, Willow / New York, except for a well-rehearsed in the Bearsville Studios piece. Probably the Saxer has viewed his album as a concept album, because a glance at the track list makes this presumption. With the kisses of a puppy, the plate begins with a title that looks like a jam session. Jazz Rock, which is four and a half minutes just hidden - pity you could here can run even more. In any case, all the tracks are quite short, and thus should have a more typical song character. For this purpose it to me but a lack of recognizable themes, which addressed the first song jam character is retained. Only very scribed melodies such as in "Guard Duty" are quite superficial and along with NRBQ a rather oblique rhythm'n'blues piece is commanded, which can score by short solos.
Windos solos are always fraught quite expressive and with a slight hint of the style of play of free jazz. Since the music is not otherwise exempted, thus a contrast between the friction and the particular charm of this music is created, produced when then erupted again from the usual scheme.Very interesting and subtly avant-garde, for example, "Rex And Spot Meet The International Bitches", and the panting of a dog (the scraps of language - in German language - it can be seen that there probably is a German Shepherd dog talk) immersed in the with six minutes on the longest song.
So we see from a wild, tangled mix ' zappa -esque 'moments from Brassrock with saxophone eruptions, a little Canterbury sound here, rhythm and blues and rock. A cover song there is, "Do not Be Cruel" - this is now to be seen close to the original or a parody? Anyway, this instrumental version goes well and loose, rocking merrily on the season. But contemplative it comes to when it comes to the dog (?) "Baxter" is. Many jazz elements were woven here.
was only really wild, it will then end, when Lassie breaks. Here goes beyond the music all borders and could move the one or the other listeners of the same. It was only about two minutes from the actors agree on a topic that is quite formidable after Soft Machine sounds - great, I love this outbreak!
Gary Windo (vocals, saxophone solos all, lead tenor saxophone on all tracks except on # 1 where he plays alto sax) The K9's: John Platania (guitar) Pam Windo (piano) John C.Marsh (bass) Ron Riddle (drums) The Wet Dogs:Joseph Spampinato (bass, harmonica), Tom Ardolino (drums) The Dogface Barking and Clapping Ensemble (barking and clapping) Pam And Gary Windo band 1082 (doglovers) Gary 'Spot' Windo (tenor saxophones, vocals ) Pam Windo (keyboards, xylophone, vocals) Ted 'Rex' Orr (guitar, percussion, vocals) Robert Gelles (guitar, percussion) , David Oliver (keyboards, Moog bass, marimba, percussion) Nicky Parker (drums) NRBQ (AKC)Donn Adams (trombone) Al Anderson (guitar, lead vocal on # 11) Terry Adams (piano, clarinet, organ) Joseph Spampinato (bass), Tom Ardolino (drums) The Chows Ian Bennett (tenor saxophone) Charlie Brocco (guitar) Pam Windo (piano), Ed Fitzgerald (bass) Chris Grassi (drums) The Woofs Ken Day (trumpet), Chuck Ver Straeten (trombone) Susan Pilla (piccolo, flute) Peter Buettner (alto saxophone) Bill Ylitalo (alto saxophone), Ian Bennett (tenor saxophone ) Charlie Brocco (guitar) Pam Windo (piano) Ted Orr (guitar - # 5) Ed Fitzgerald (bass - # 5)Chris Grassi (drums - # 5) John Platania (guitar - # 8) . John Marsh (bass - # 8) Ron Riddle (drums - # 8)

01: Puppy Kisses [Gary And The K9's] (4:32)
02: Feela Dog [Pam And Gary Windo Volume 1982] (2:53)
03: Guard Duty [Gary And NRBQ] (3:39)
04: Rex And Spot Meet The International Bitches [Pam And Gary Windo Volume 1982] (5:59)
05: Hound [Gary And The Woofs] (4:07)
07: Dogface [Gary And The Wet Dogs] (2:25)
08: The Husky [Gary And The K9's] (3:09)
09: Do not Be Cruel [Gary And The Woofs] (3:37)
10: Baxter [Gary And NRBQ] (2:35)
11: That's All [Gary And NRBQ] (4:12)
12: Lassie Breaks Out [Gary And The Chows] (3:07) (all music / lyrics composed by Gary Windo / Pam Windo, exept # 2 by Rufus Thomas, # 3 by Terry Adams, # 4 by Windo / Windo / Orr, plus # 8 by Blackwell / Presley, # 9 by Al Anderson, # 10 by Sister Rosette Tharpe)

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