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Al Atkins - Reloaded (CD)

Release Date: 20th January 2017

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST425CD
Price: £9.99
Available: In stock

Al Atkins - Reloaded

So much excitement for Metal fans worldwide, original Judas Priest vocalist Al Atkins will be releasing his new solo album “Reloaded”.

The album is a collection tracks from the last four decades, that Al has either written or performed from his days in Judas Priest to his last live band Holy Rage.  It features special guest appearances: with Ian Hill of Judas Priest, (who performed on the original recordings of some of these classics like “Victim Of Changes” from the “Sad Wings Of Destiny” album. Apart from Judas Priest, Ian Hill has never recorded with anyone outside of the band until now!

It also features John McCoy (Ex Gillan) Ralf Scheepers of Germany from Primal Fear dueting with Al on “Victim Of Changes”, a solo from Roy Z Ramirez of “Halford” & “Bruce Dickinson”, a Japanese guitarist Tsuyoshi Ikedo from Unviel Raze, The Australian Stu “Hammer” Marshall of Death Dealer, Chris Johnson from Holy Rage, from the UK Rob Allen on drums and last but not least long time friend and collaborator Guitarist & Producer on many of Al's albums Paul May.

These tracks have appeared in various forms on many albums over the past forty years. “Reloaded” also features a bonus track that is an excerpt of a guitar solo from the Judas Priest demo featuring Ian Hill on Bass and KK Downing on guitar - a never heard treat for all Judas Priest fanatics.

Al Atkins is best known for being the original singer with Midlands heavy rockers Judas Priest.  With a wife and young daughter to support and no record deal in sight, Atkins was forced “to get a haircut and a 9-to-5 job” in May 1973.  He was replaced by Rob Halford, who found himself singing many songs that were originally written by Atkins.  Consequently, the album “Rocka Rolla” gives a portrait of Atkins' original vision for the band.  Atkins eventually formed another band, Lion and went solo after it dissolved, releasing four albums in the 1990s and a final, fifth album in 2007 as a solo artist.

Despite being at the age that most men are thinking of retirement, Al is still one of the hardest rocking frontmen on the planet, as this album bears testament!

  1. Mind Conception 3.53
  2. Winter  4.51
  3. Coming Thick & Fast  4.53
  4. A Void to Avoid  9.41
  5. Heavy Thoughts  6.16
  6. Cradle to the Grave  4.27
  7. Money Talks  6.23
  8. Never Satisfied  5.00
  9. Love at War  4.47
  10. Victim of Changes  7.33
  11. Mind Conception (Early Priest Demo Extract)  2.44


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