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Rick Wakeman - The Natural World Trilogy (3CD)

Release Date: 21st October 2016

Label: RRAW
Catalogue Number: MFGZ006CD
Price: £10.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Rick Wakeman - The Natural World Trilogy

Well within the genre of new age, The Natural World Trilogy is Rick Wakeman's attempt at uniting all of the earth's tranquil elements and translating them through the use of his keyboards to produce relaxing and overly sedative music. Broken up into three separate discs entitled "The Animal Kingdom," "Beneath the Waves," and "Heaven on Earth."  


The Animal Kingdom

1-01       The Snow Leopard          7:14

1-02       Tuatara 7:17

1-03       The Desert Lizard             8:00

1-04       The Pond Skater               7:40

1-05       Lacemakers        6:31

1-06       The Salamander               5:54

1-07       Chameleons       7:13

1-08       The Christmas Wren       6:14

1-09       The Chrysalis      5:10

Beneath The Waves

2-01       The Spider Crab                6:26

2-02       Sea Green Turtles            9:11

2-03       The Corel Reef  6:29

2-04       Sea Urchins        8:05

2-05       Angel Falls           6:01

2-06       The Minerva Terraces    6:23

2-07       Mono Lake         7:58

2-08       The Sun Dew     5:23

2-09       The Queen


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