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Robert Calvert - At The Queen Elizabeth Hall 1986 (CD)

Release Date: 25th March 2016

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST393CD
Price: £7.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Robert Calvert - At The Queen Elizabeth Hall 1986

Robert Calvert, born in South Africa, was best known as the resident poet of Hawkwind co-wrote Hawkwind's hit single "Silver Machine", which reached No. 3 in the UK singles chart. Although Lemmy sings on the single version, this is an overdub of a live recording taken at the Roundhouse in London, with Calvert on vocals. Calvert suffered from bipolar disorder, which often caused a fractious relationship with his fellow musicians. At one point he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Despite his sometimes debilitating mental health, Calvert remained a fiercely creative, driven and multi-talented artist. During periods away from Hawkwind duties, he worked on his solo career; his creative output including albums, stage plays, poetry, and a novel. His first solo album, Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters, was released in 1974.

An anonymous describes this show from 1986 as: “Originally released on vinyl, but in very limited quantities, this CD allows us a chance to hear the Captain at his best - banter with the audience, some of his favourite songs and a few oddities as well. The performance isn't the finest ever, but even as Calvert and Krankshaft struggle through 'Catch a Falling Starfighter', you will find yourself reminded of happier times. Thanks Bob, heading for the Gods alone know where.”

  1. Evil Rock
  2. Catch A Falling Starfighter
  3. Gremlins
  4. The Aerospace Age Inferno
  5. Test Tube Conceived
  6. Working Down A Diamond Mine
  7. All The Machines are Quiet
  8. Work Song
  9. Telekinesis
  10. Acid Rain
  11. Lord of the Hornets