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Kevin Ayers featuring Ollie Halsall - As Close As You Think (CD)

Release Date: 25th March 2016

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST388CD
Price: £9.99
Available: In stock

Kevin Ayers featuring Ollie Halsall  - As Close As You Think

When Kevin Ayres died a few years ago many of us mourned.  John Peel wrote in his autobiography that "Kevin Ayers' talent is so acute you could perform major eye surgery with it. He was an amazing songwriter with a gloriously expressive voice. But he never received the exclaim that he so richly deserved. On this 1986 album he is teamed up with Peter John 'Ollie' Halsall (d.1992) an English guitarist and vibraphone player, and best known for his role in The Rutles, and the bands Timebox, Patto and Boxer. Halsall was also notable as one of the few players of the vibraphone in rock music. He was known as Ollie because of his distinctive way of pronouncing his surname with a dropped 'h'. This is truly an album that is not be missed!

  1. Stepping Out
  2. Fool After Midnight
  3. Wish I Could Fall
  4. Only Heaven Knows
  5. Too Old To Die Young
  6. The Howlin' Man
  7. Never My Baby
  8. Budget Tours (Part One)
  9. Budget Tours (Part Two)


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