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Ducks De Luxe - Last Night of A Pub Rock Band (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 4th December 2015

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST361CD
Price: £7.99
Available: In stock

Ducks De Luxe - Last Night of A Pub Rock Band

This album is precisely what it says, a double-live album recorded at London's 100 Club on July 1, 1975, as Duck Deluxe finally bowed out of the pub rock scene they had done so much to instigate. It's a rough and ready recording made on a basic two-track tape recorder and further embattled by poor sound. But if you want a taste of what made Ducks Deluxe such a great band and an inkling as to why their studio albums never cut the mustard, this album will tell you all you need to know -- and then some. The set is largely comprised of covers -- just four of the 18 songs are Sean Tyla originals and one more was written by former bassist Nick Garvey. But almost without exception, the group makes even the most distinctive song their own, be it a rumbling "Proud Mary," a desperate "Knocking on Heaven's Door," or a positively ferocious "Teenage Head," Duck Deluxe's own acknowledgement that The Flamin' Groovies were the only band of the era that could even dream of staying in the same room as them.

Another treat is reserved for the final burst of songs, as a steady stream of guests mounted the stage to say their own goodbyes to the band: Lee Brilleaux, Martin Stone, Bob Andrews, and Nick Lowe. But the night and the album belong to Ducks Deluxe and for anybody who remembers them fondly, it's still difficult to hear the closing number, "Going Down the Road," without shedding a tiny tear of regret -- regret that they didn't last, regret that they never "made it," and, most of all, regret that it's for those failures that they're best remembered. They were worth so much more.

  1. Fireball
  2. Proud Mary
  3. Evil
  4. Midnight Moon
  5. The Mighty Quinn
  6. Here Comes The Night
  7. Knocking on Heaven's Door
  8. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
  9. Amsterdam Dog
  10. Jumpin' In The Fire
  11. Run Rudolf Run
  12. Teenage Head
  13. Coast to Coast
  14. Get Your Kicks On (Route 66)
  15. Little Queenie
  16. Brown Sugar
  17. Midnight Rambler
  18. Going Down The Road

The Pub Rock movement of the mid 1970’s is often seen as an exciting precursor to punk rock. Certainly, it was an exhilarating grass roots genre of music which reconnected popular music to its rock and roll beginning. Duck De Luxe were one of the  leading lights of Pub Rock. Playing more energetic music than most others on the London pub-rock circuit, the Ducks soon had a twice weekly booking at the Tally Ho in Kentish Town, and a manager, Dai Davies. Last Night of a Pub Rock Band is precisel


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