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Inner City Unit - The Maximum Effect (CD)

Release Date: 20th April 2015

Label: RRA
Catalogue Number: RRA102CD
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Inner City Unit - The Maximum Effect

Inner City Unit (ICU) is a British punk/space rock band fronted by ex-Hawkwind member Nik Turner on saxophone with Judge Trev Thoms or Steve Pond (guitar), Dead Fred (keyboards), Baz Magneto, Dave Anderson or Nazar Ali Khan (bass), and Mick Stupp or Dino Ferari on drums.

Thoms and Ferari were both key members of Steve Peregrin Took's band Steve Took's Horns. Following the Horns' breakup in mid 1978, Turner recruited Ferari to drum on his Sphynx project before adding Thoms the following year to his new band Inner City Unit. Took continued to work with his former band members by guesting with ICU at assorted gigs during 1979-1980, particularly at free concerts at Notting Hill Gate's Meanwhile Gardens. This original line-up produced 2 albums, Passout and The Maximum Effect.

The legendary Julian Cope's website describes the album:

“Criminally overlooked, mainly due to the prefix "Nik Turner's" being foisted upon them, ICU defied any categorisation and were a totally wild live experience. Their recorded output is varied, to say the least, but this album stands as a classic. (The production's a bit good, but then the band did go twice over budget)...

Opener "Bones Of Elvis" finds the erstwhile Thunder Rider in proto-rap anthem territory, if such a thing can be imagined. "Virgin Love" is thrashy punk to the max. "Two Worlds" exists on a world of its own. "In The Mood" gives Nik a chance to ponce about in a comedy fashion. "Sid's Song" is at once sad, beautiful and rocking. "Metal" is an almighty discordant racket, and is brilliant.

What really shines through is the songwriting quality of "Judge" Trev Thoms and "Dead" Fred Reeves. More than any other ICU album, this one showcases a BAND rather than cashing in on members' pasts... this is not to denigrate Nik, far from it, but ICU as an equal opportunities employer clearly worked.”


Bones Of Elvis

Man Of Steel

Beer Baccy Bingo & Benidorm

Virgin Love

Two Worlds

In The Mood (Nude)

Epitaph To The Hippies

Sid's Song

Night Life

Remember (Walking In The Sand) Margate Beach

Skinheads In Leningrad



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