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Birmingham Sunday - Prevalent Visionaries: The History of Birmingham Sunday (2CD)

Release Date: 6th April 2015

Label: Crossfire
Catalogue Number: 9519-2
Price: £10.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Birmingham Sunday - Prevalent Visionaries: The History of Birmingham Sunday


Featuring 46 tracks, this band-authorized collection is the definitive word on the legendary Carson City, Nevada band Birmingham Sunday. Formed in 1966, Birmingham Sunday signed to Bill Holmes' All-American label and recorded their only album "A Message From Birmingham Sunday" in December 1968. Paul Buff was the engineer for these Original Sound Recording Studios sessions. The album included the single "Prevalent Visionaries"/ "Egocentric Solitude," which was a Top 10 radio favorite on stations such as KCBN in Reno, Nevada. Original copies of the All-American LP have recently sold for more than $1,200! Thanks to some recent tape discoveries, Birmingham Sunday's entire recorded output can now be yours!
The "Prevalent Visionaries" collection features:
The entire All-American album "A Message From Birmingham Sunday" remastered in brilliant sound
Unreleased alternate mixes of album tracks
Single mixes of "Prevalent Visionaries" and "Egocentric Solitude"
"Studio 'A'" with The Buff Organization
The Freedom Five's "It's Gotta Be Grant" from 1966 (featuring lead vocalist Joe LaChew)
"Movin'" by the second Birmingham Sunday lineup
Reunion recordings by all the surviving original members – in fact, they've done so many that they ended up creating the second album ("It Is What It Was") that they never got to originally!
All 14 pre-album demos from 1968 – none of which have been heard before! Fascinating early versions of nearly all of their All-American album debut in this collection.



1) Egocentric Solitude (LP Mix) • 2) Wondering What To Feel • 3) Prevalent Visionaries (LP Mix) • 4) You’re Out Of Line (LP Mix) • 5) Medieval Journeys • 6) Mr. Waters (The Judge) (LP Mix) • 7) Fate And The Magician • 8) Peter Pan Revisited • 9) Time To Land • 10) Don’t Turn Around
“IT IS WHAT IT WAS” (Tracks 11-23): 11) It’s A Good Day • 12) C’est La Vie Blues • 13) Summer Dream • 14) Put It In Gear • 15) The Early Side Of Morning • 16) Mortuary Blues • 17) Franktown Road • 18) Ward Creek • 19) The Traveler • 20) In The Eye Of A Storm • 21) Haunting Me • 22) The Raven • 23) Raw Rhythm
1) Who’s To Blame (Demo) • 2) Egocentric Solitude (Demo) • 3) Medieval Journeys (Demo) • 4) Don’t Turn Around (Demo) • 5) Time To Land (Demo) • 6) Prevalent Visionaries (Demo) • 7) Fate And The Magician (Demo) • 8) Wondering What To Feel (Demo) • 9) Nobody Knows (Demo) • 10) Peter Pan Revisited (Demo) • 11) Round That Way (Demo) • 12) You’re Out Of Line (Demo) • 13) Everyone (Demo) • 14) Never Blues (Demo) • 15) Studio ‘A’ (Version 8) (Stereo Mix) (with THE BUFF ORGANIZATION) • 16) Movin’ • 17) It’s Gotta Be Grant (by THE FREEDOM V) • 18) Prevalent Visionaries (Single Mix) • 19) Egocentric Solitude (Single Mix) • 20) Mr. Waters (The Judge) (Mono Mix) • 21) You’re Out Of Line (Early Mix) • 22) Peace Of Mind (with JIM BURGETT) • 23) It’s A Good Day (Demo) (by WALDEN PAWN)


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