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Homeostasis - What There Is (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 9th March 2015

Label: Flamedog Records
Catalogue Number: FD003
Price: £9.99
Available: For Pre Order

Homeostasis - What There Is

A visceral journey into fractured futures and flickering pasts. What There Is is a rumination on the nature of Control, Love and Quantum Physics.  Chanelling William S. Burroughs, JG Ballard, Mervyn Peake, Michael Moorcock and Iain Sinclair, this album is the musical equivalent of an acid trip with James Joyce.

Led by Maxwell Voluminous, Homeostasis produces Avant-garde, psychedelic, electronic, literary-inspired, visceral music.  Max has worked in numerous musical realms, including Third Sky, the cult satirical band Arseradish, the psychedelic spacerock outfit Alpha Omega, the avant garde collective Tripswyche, collaborated with Daevid Allen, Mother Gong, Michael Moorcock, Hawkwind and others.

  1. Sometimes
  2. A Curious Thing
  3. The New Mathematics
  4. Dreaming
  5. What There Is
  6. If Not What Then
  7. There You Go
  8. More
  9. The Future
  10. Humans
  11. Nova
  12. Ghosts
  13. Light
  14. Would You?
  15. The Last Song
  16. Morning Thankyou Note


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