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Robert Calvert - Blueprints From The Cellar/Hype (2CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 20th October 2014

Label: Bat Country
Catalogue Number: BC241-50
Price: £9.99
Available: Sorry - Not currently available

Robert Calvert - Blueprints From The Cellar/Hype

Blueprints From The Cellar & Live At Queen Elizabeth Hall - Many fans of Calvert and the general Hawkwind-related music scene were unaware of these two cassette releases, as promotion was by word of mouth only. Ah, the days before the World Wide Web. Many of the tracks also appeared on his albums Test Tube Conceived and Freq, and many were performed on the live portion of this release: At The Queen Elizabeth Hall. This performance was recorded live in October 1986; it was originally released on vinyl, but sadly in very limited quantities and again sadly - since it was his first live album - after his premature death. 

Track Listing – DISC ONE: Blueprints From The Cellar- “The Cellar Tapes Parts I & II”, 1. All The Machines Are Quiet 2. Work Song 3. Subterraneans 4. Soweto 5. Radio Egypt 6. Over The Moon 7. Hidden Persuasion 8. Re-Wind 9. Working Down A Diamond Mine 10. Thanks To The Scientists 11. I Hear Voices 12. Acid Rain 13. Fly On The Wall 14. Standing On The Picket Line 15. The Ra Ra Man 16. Ned Ludd 17. Marathon Man  DISC TWO: Robert Calvert At The Queen Elizabeth Hall 1. Evil Rock 2. (a) Catch A Falling Starfighter (b) Gremlins (c) Areospace Age Inferno 3. Test Tube Conceived 4. Working Down A Diamond Mine 5. All The Machines Are Quiet 6. Work Song 7. Telekinesis 8. Acid Rain 9. Lord Of the Hornets

Hype – The highly accessible Hype album was the third of five solo albums. Originally released in 1982, it consists of the Songs of Tom Mahler - Mahler being the fictional rock star whose turbulent but somewhat jaunty story was earlier told in a Calvert novel, also called Hype. It's the quirky zone where art prog and intellectual punk meet - and they're not so unlikely bedfellows as one might have thought. Hype is often considered by his fans to be Robert Calvert's best album, in terms of song composition and production. Although the album could be described as mainstream, the lyrics lift it onto a rather different plane.   The overall style is that of rock-pop songs - some of which are decidedly catchy - rather than any traditional rock arrangements with instrumental passages.

Track Listing – 1. Over My Head 2. Ambitious 3. It’s The Same 4. Hanging Out On The Seafront 5. Sensitive 6. Evil Rock  7. We Like To Be 8. Frightened 9. Teen Ballad Of Deano 10. Flight 11. The Luminous Green 12. Glow of the Dials of the Dashboard 13. Greenfly and the Rose 14. Lord Of The Hornets 15. Over My Head 16. Hanging Out on the Seafront 17. Flight 105 18. Bonus Track 1


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