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Bill Bruford's Earthworks - Footloose in NYC/In Concert In Holland (2CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 15th September 2014

Label: Bat Country
Catalogue Number: BC241-17
Price: £9.99
Available: In stock

Bill Bruford's Earthworks - Footloose in NYC/In Concert In Holland


NYC IN CONCERT IN HOLLAND - This 90-minute DVD was filmed in two locations in Holland and brings together two of the leading lights in modern improvised music, the virtuoso Dutch pianist Michiel Borstlap, and British drummer Bill Bruford. The main programme of approximately one hour of concert footage from Nijmegen is accompanied by a further half-hour of backstage footage and bonus tracks from Maastricht. Each DVD is one of a limited edition of 2000 that comes with a bonus audio CD of the DVD soundtrack, and is individually numbered. This wonderfully evocative live DVD captures two great musicians pushing the boundaries of music and particularly jazz.

Tracks:  Prologue, Game of chess, Conception, Camilla, Two Left Shoes, Mr. B.B., Arabian Quest, Happenstance, Peacock Strut, Sintar Klaas is boos, Round Midnight. 

FOOTLOOSE IN NYC - Recorded in 2001 and originally released as a companion DVD to the excellent double CD Footloose and Fancy Free, Footloose in NYC has been out of print for several years. This unique DVD gives you the whole Earthworks experience – 1’50” of concert footage, and 20” of exclusive backstage footage and interviews lets you enjoy an intimate, up-close evening of state-of-the-art jazz at The Bottom Line in New York City.

Tracks:  Revel Without A Pause, Never The Same Way Once, Original Sin, Come to Dust, Some Shiver While He Cavorts, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Shadow of a Doubt, Triplicity, Footloose and Fancy Free, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Bridge of Inhibition 


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